5 Hollywood Disaster Movies Based On True Events

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Nothing is more engadging than a movie based on a true event or story, but when its based on a true “historical disaster” it can be like watching a movie and a documtary in one. But just how close to the truth are they? and what is the real story behind the movie. Well here are five movies that where inspired by real disasters. From ‘The 33’, based on the Chilena mining disaster, to ‘Everest’, a film based on the 1996 Mount Everest Disaster. Sit back and enjoy the video.

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  1. 1 ~ Family is the answer to the question at the end, feel do I. That may be why this trend of having one or two children is ludicrous and will end in trouble, believe do I.

    The stresses on the female body of multiple children are understood by me. Yet what many fail to realize is those stresses can be completely mitigated with proper nutrition and minimal exercise.

  2. common misconception there was almost no record of them calling titanic unsinkable…they were over confident because sister ship olympic had been already running and had a major accident and did not sink…and guess who the captain that day …lol same one that goes down with the titanic…fucking weird

  3. Heart of the Sea was a great watch. It depicted a different era, and the death of the whale featured in the film was heartbreaking to watch even despite the fact that it was the best thing that happened for the crew. I just feel bad that it didn't make nearly as much as it should have, because I got turned off not because of what was going on but because of all the comments on the trailer glorifying the deaths of the crew just because they were hunting whales almost a couple hundred years before any of them were born.

  4. Wait a minute…so the Essex was followed by 3 ships and yet Essex' crew was left to their rescue boats and the ocean? You clearly said the following ships had crew who witnessed how Essex was sinking… Am I missing something?

  5. Isn't it a bit sinister that literally ALL ships which claimed to be "unsinkable" have sunk at one point? Costa Concordia: sunk. Titanic: sunk, Britanic: sunk, that other Titanic sistership I can't remember the name of : sunk

  6. On my tiny screen the thumbnail looks like the one for that film "Trolls" with the kids who document the troll hunter. I was like, 'huh?'….so I had to check of course 😉

  7. One of the astronauts from the Apollo 13 came into our class when I was smaller and he told us how the journey was. I wasn’t surprised when he told us that the movie was a bit exaggerated.

  8. U571 is also based on a true story but sadly Hollywood rewritten the story & made out that the Americans captured U571. The truth is that the British captured U571, the truth came out during the film release.

  9. 4:17 Everest doesn’t come close to the real thing?

    I have to disagree with you there.

    That movie did a very faithful job telling the story with what information was know for sure.

  10. Actually the information about the Titanic and the lifeboats is wrong. Tests were done which you can see on the documentary Titanic 20 years later which shows that more lifeboats would've caused more death. The lifeboats leaving half empty was a major factor in all of the deaths. But since it would've taken around eight minutes to crank out and lower each lifeboat add more time to that because of all the panicking and desperate people plus the limited number of people trained on how to operate the lifeboats there would've been more loss of life if there were more. You can watch the documentary on Disney + I recommend it.


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