At a time when Cats could convince a certain audience that musicals and films don't go together, it's worth noting that the two media have had a relatively fantastic relationship over the years. There have been several musicals that have resulted in wonderful films and some fantastic films that have been turned into successful musicals. Just because cats flopped doesn't mean the world should stop adapting popular musicals!

This is especially true in view of the fact that some of the best musicals still have to be adapted for the film. Even though cats may not have been a good choice, I can confidently say that the ones listed below are worth a look. The overall results of his performance would vary, but they are definitely worth putting on the canvas.

The Book of Mormon Tony Awards

The Book of Mormon

The Book of Mormon is without question one of the most popular musicals of the past decade. In a world where Hamilton never existed, it may even be the most popular musical for people who see only a handful in their lives. Much of this success is due in no small part to two of its creators, Trey Parker and Matt Stone, who are also mastermind television throughout the disrespectful cartoon comedy South Park.

The Book of Mormon would be one of those film adaptations that, once developed, feel rather straightforward. The backdrop of Uganda would not be difficult to describe, and the story should play like a normal movie. Quite frankly, it's a little surprising that this filming hasn't happened yet, and it wouldn't be surprising if someone were in development before the end of this decade.

Family Guy Starlight Express Bit

Starlight Express

There are a good number of people who went to Cats to witness the madness of everything, and while the film is struggling at the box office, there may be a chance that it will make some money by being a cult classic. There is a niche for films that are so bad that people only watch them for fun. Now that Cats is notorious in the mainstream again, maybe another musical by Andrew Lloyd Weber, Starlight Express, could capitalize on that and make some money at the box office.

Imagine cats, but if everyone were a steam engine. Starlight Express is so similar, except that it's an underdog love story. I suppose modern CGI could make anyone a real steam engine, although the traditional way of playing the musical is roller skating actors. If Hollywood wanted to replicate cats, I would suggest the latter, although I would have to say that in both cases it could be an equally big theater disaster. I'm not saying that this musical deserves a film because it would be commercially successful, I say that people could really get a kick trying to see something and trick cats.

Dear Evan Hansen Tony Awards

Dear Evan Hansen

Dear Evan Hansen follows a teenager who is tasked with writing letters as a therapy project to deal with his social anxiety. The story quickly gets out of hand when Evan's letters are involved in a fellow student's suicide, and the teen's white lie about his relationship with the deceased student leads to a lot of changes in his life.

With the original Evan Hansen, Ben Platt, currently featured in Netflix's Ryan Murphy series The Politician, the streaming service should really test Platt's interest in turning the award-winning production into a film. He's already done some musical numbers for The Politician, so there may be some interest on Murphy's part to lead such a project as well. Get some meetings going, Netflix, this could be a huge success!

Miss Saigon theater stage production

Miss Saigon

Miss Saigon is generally considered a classic and tells the story of a romance that took place during the Vietnam War. It is the second production by Claude-Michel Schönberg and Alain Boublil, the best-known duo for his music production Les Miserables. Miss Saigon is not quite as popular, but alongside Les Miserables it is still in the top 10 as one of the top-selling musical concessions of all time.

Miss Saigon is one of the few on a short list of very successful musicals that have not yet been made into a film (or were not first in the film). Though there are concerns about cultural sensitivity to the subject, many high-profile Hollywood directors have focused on being the person who finally brings this musical to cinemas. Danny Boyle was one of the youngest names to be involved, though little was heard about his efforts to develop a film in a while.

Assassin scene in the politician


Have you ever wondered what the people who killed or tried to kill were presidents? Assassins will give a fictional scenario in which some of these notorious people hang out together and teach the public a little about these people and their motives for trying to kill the most important men in the history of the United States.

Assassins would probably not work as a traditional story given how it is told on stage, but I think there is a market to tell it in a different way. Knock some well-known comedians into the roles of these criminals and give the whole thing a comedic drunk history note, and I think that's a Hollywood hit. It would probably work better if a feature were published directly on streaming services like Amazon Prime, Hulu or Netflix, but one that I would have liked to bring to life.

She loves me Tony Awards

she loves Me

Two people cross in Budapest who are not aware of the fact that they are their secret penpals and in love. What follows is a story of these two and the people around them, and of course the events reveal that they are the secret people they were looking for. If that sounds like a touching love story, there are some other storylines that will help spice things up!

She loves me has been technically adapted in Hollywood, if not in the strictest sense. The story previously became a very successful love film called You Got Mail. That alone should justify that this musical was made into a film, or maybe even a musical version of You Got Mail? Both of these sounds fantastic, so hopefully there is someone who is ready to bring one of these projects to consumers in the near future.

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