‘I want to die. I want to live. But not like this.’

A Long Way Back by Barbara Elsborg is the story of Tay and Ink, Tay being Jonty’s best mate from The Making of Jonty Bloom, which we loved! This story can absolutely be read as a standalone, however, we strongly recommend reading this series in order as not only is it fabulous, but you also need to meet and fall in love with Jonty, like we did, and experience his and Tay’s friendship from the beginning. Barbara Elsborg is without question our -go-to Author- when we are in the mood for an MM romance, not only is she a magnificent and unique storyteller, her passion, vivid imagery, and the way she makes us truly feel every emotion, is second to none. A Long Way Back is a testament to this and once again she wowed us! To be able to weave humour into a devastating storyline and create characters with such depth that we feel a part of them, is utterly astounding.

“There’s a lot I can’t tell you about me. The things I’ve not done are as important as the things I have. In a way, more important.”

Tay has suffered tremendously after an accident nearly killed him. Living trapped in a coma unable to communicate with loved ones, he’s facing a long road of recovery and rehabilitation. Whilst he is lucky to be alive, he certainly doesn’t feel it. His mental health is at its lowest ebb and his heartbroken from missed chances. The only way out is to remove himself from what and who he loves by moving to London. He cuts a solitary and sad figure until he meets the indomitable, Ink. Whilst Tay has an incredibly sad story to tell, so does the Jonty like, Ink. On the surface, Ink comes across as spirited and stubborn with a sarcastic sense of humour and adorable silliness. However, Ink is hiding a heart-breaking truth from which he is running and has him watching over his shoulder. Tay and Ink are a right pair, and we couldn’t think of a more perfect relationship to overcome pain, grief, and devastation. Tangled up in their own stories the tragic and frightening situations they have to go through had us crying big fat tears!

‘Why not fall together? Take the risk. Just don’t open your heart because if you do, you’ll not only break yours, you’ll break his.’

We can sit here for hours and wax lyrical on why and how much we love Barbara Elsborg’s writing. She makes us laugh, she makes us cry and she has us completely compelled every single time we pick up a new book by her. When we say that there really isn’t many Authors like her for making us feel so emotionally invested in mm romance, it’s because of how much we love and stand by her work. When you pick up a Barbara Elsborg you know what you’re going to get, and you know it’ll be a guaranteed emotional and passionate ride with her trademark humour to lighten the pages. So, if you love this Author too you know you need to pick up this series. If you’ve never met her work this series is a good a place as any to start your love affair.

‘Happiness was being in each other’s arms. Happiness was a hand held, a kiss given, a smile shared, a joke told.’