“Sweet, Cora…For the rest of yer life, macushla, you will never be able to eat a strawberry popsicle without thinking of me.”

We loved this book, and know like Cora, we’ll never be able to look at a strawberry popsicle the same way ever again!  Nolan Cassidy has ruined us!! That man with his Irish wit, good looks, charm, and wicked ways, certainly steamed up our Kindles! Woah was this book HOT, as well as funny, romantic, and all-around good fun! We’d go so far as to say it was rom-com perfection!

“I can’t see you as anything other than my wife, Mrs. Cassidy. I have spread my dreams beneath your feet, and you have trampled all over them.”
Only an Irishman could get away with saying a line like that out loud.

Kayley Loring is one funny lady! How she manages to keep tickling our funny bones after so many books is a credit to her hilarious personality, her comedic timing, her incredible writing talent, and the way she so seamlessly brings her characters to life.

‘There once was a man named Nolan
Whose heart a lass had stolen
They said their goodbyes
Without nary a cry
But now he’s stuck pissin’ and moanin’

A Very Vegas St. Patrick’s Day is the third book in the Very Holiday Series (A Very Bossy Christmas & A Very Friendly Valentine’s Day) and it’s a book we’ve been desperate for since meeting Nolan in previous books. Nolan was the sexy sharp-tongued, scallywag Irish cousin with an air of mystery and carefree ways, who didn’t seem like the type to fall in love but fall he did. HARD and FAST! Wow, how we LOVE him!!!

“Fate brought you to me. It’s my desire and my duty to never let you go.”

And boy did he meet his match when he met Cora Delaney in a hotel in Vegas – their chemistry was off the charts, which resulted in a night of hot sex in a Vegas hotel. How then did they end up married? And how did their paths cross again? Well, you’ll have to dive in to find out, and once you do, you’ll be blessed with a smile on your face and a giggle in your heart.

‘I was not mentally prepared for this deep Irish impact, but man alive, was my body ready for it.’

If Nolan thought he’d met his match with Cora, he was in for one hell of a shock when he meets Cora’s 10-year-old son Ashton – this young man with his sharp tongue, devious streak, and stubbornness proved himself as more than a match for Nolan. Their banter was so much fun, as well as sweet and emotional as both go head-to-head for Cora’s heart.

‘I’m old enough to have watched Jordan. In Space Jam.
This poor young lad is stuck with Lebron’s entirely inferior Space Jam.
But he has somehow schooled a master of the con.’

Having the gang all back in the Very Holiday Series was an absolute hoot! More of this please, Kayley Loring! Individually they are too bloody funny – together they’re a riot! The little hints at what is to come in this series are making us giddy with excitement! We cannot wait for more!!! We want to hang out with them, down a few ales whilst hoeing into Cora’s chicken parmi!

This is one fabulous series! Do yourselves a favour and add these books to your TBR’s NOW!