The Anaheim Majestic Garden Hotel now offers a new dining experience in the Disneyland Resort District restaurant scene – the Japanese restaurant Hanagi. Together with Hanagi Sapparo and Hanagi Guam, the restaurant is the first location on the American mainland. For lunch and dinner, the restaurant offers a range of authentic Japanese dishes, including Shabu Shabu stew, sushi, and sashimi. ( (

Chef Hiroyuki Ikeda, "Chef Hiro", was commissioned by the Premier Hotel Group, the hospitality group behind Anaheim Majestic Garden and the other two Hanagi locations to bring the Hanagi experience to the United States. Head chef Hiro, who was trained in Tokyo, put Hanagi's menu together with a large selection of popular Asian dishes. Each Hanagi location has a menu that reflects not only the Hanagi brand, but also the goal. In translation, Hanagi means castle flower, a suitable nickname for the hotel "castle".

"We look forward to offering the Hanagi experience not only to our hotel guests but also to the larger public in Orange County," said Ikeda. "Guests will find a trendy Japanese dining experience with options for the whole family at Hanagi."

Starters such as the tricolor sashimi carpaccio, tuna, salmon and the albacore carpaccio, topped with thinly sliced ​​vegetables and yuzu pepper, or the Kurobuta pork shabu shabu salad with thinly sliced ​​black pork loin. In addition to the complete sushi bar and Shabu Shabu options, there are also starters such as the American Wagyu garlic steak as well as bowls and bento boxes, including the Chirashi sushi bowl. Children are enchanted by the children's curry with a rice panda bear. The restaurant also offers a wide selection of Japanese beers and sake.

The decor of the restaurant is a contemporary Japanese style with clean, modern lines, elements from nature and lots of natural wood. Divided table areas create a feeling of space and privacy for guests.

Validated parking spaces are available for restaurant guests. Reservations can be made through OpenTable. Hanagi is now open Tuesday through Saturday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. and dinner from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. Hanagi is next to the hotel's Garden Court Bistro, which serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and the resort's California Deli.

The Anaheim Majestic Garden Hotel extends over 13 hectares and has three courtyards with flowers, a fauna, a rose garden and an arbor, lawns and several places where guests can relax undisturbed. Other features include scenery in which guests feel like they are in an enchanted forest, with specially designed headboards, lighting and mirrors, and family suites with custom-made bunk beds in the castle.

The Anaheim Majestic Garden Hotel is part of the Premier Hotel Group, which also includes the Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel. PHR Management, Inc., based in Anaheim, California, is a subsidiary of Ken Corporation, LTD., The Japan-based owner group. The company specializes in asset management, real estate investments, international real estate, office and retail real estate, real estate management and residential real estate leasing.

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