“Failure is temporary. Regret is forever.”

Ashton Morgan: Apartment 17B by Aly Styles was one of those stories that will break, heal, and steal your heart. A slow-building romance laced with angst, struggle, and heartbreak. It was a tale as old as time, where two people from different sides of the track find a love so pure and honest it makes your heart soar. Soulmates. Beautifully written, this romance is one for the dreamers, for the readers who love to find hope where there seems to be none and the readers who love a good old-fashioned romance that must travel an arduous journey filled with man-made obstacles. It truly was a wonderful story that touched us immensely with its inspirational positivity despite the darkness, as well as the hope that love brought for two much-loved characters.

“You can’t force anyone to journey into your world, and from what you’re saying, he probably couldn’t if he wanted to. If you want this person in your life, you’re going to have to force your way into his.”

Ashton was such a gentle man, a slightly broken man with a huge heart and a quiet unassuming nature. We fell in love with everything Ashton Morgan, what a hero! He gave up on his dream to support his horrendous mum and sweet little brother, working his fingers to the bone, getting nothing in return. Ashton deserved love, care, and affection as well as that elusive break. He deserved not to have to worry whether or not he could put food on the table or if his little brother were safe when he wasn’t there to look after him. His story broke our hearts. But hope and love came along in Iris Alexander. Gorgeous, kind and caring Iris immediately saw what a magnificent man, Ashton was. Ashton may need Iris in his life; however, Iris needs Ashton too. Their love was a modern fairy-tale and we fell in utter love with their story.

“I know it’s hard to live as you, but you have no idea how hard it is to live without you.”