‘I’ve felt this, the falling, before. So many times. But for the first time ever, I know I have a safe place to land.’

Kayley Loring has done it again! This book swept us off our feet! We could wax lyrical about how much we love this author’s stories. She really is the queen of rom-com for us right now – always managing to have us laughing out loud whilst warming our swooning hearts. Her characters are sweet, sexy, relatable, and so hilariously quirky, her comedic timing is pure gold. We can’t tell you how much we love this author and how much we loved this book!

“I’m not a boy, Scarlett,” he says. “And I think you know it.”

If you’re in the mood for a sexy, swoony romance to whack that funny bone, check out Attachment Theory. We guarantee the Brodie family and their hilarious group chats will have you in fits. The ribbing between the brothers, and Mama Brodie’s pissy texting…omg! They’ll have you wiping away tears of laughter for most of this book. And don’t get us started on the romance *insert heart eyes*

Twenty-seven-year-old Dylan Brodie is a star. A former child actor on a popular children’s show, his star hasn’t dulled, neither has his penchant for falling for his leading ladies. The problem is the love affairs fizzle the minute the cameras stop rolling. Dylan’s had enough and enlists the help of a therapist to rid him of his compulsion for his leading ladies.

“Fight for it, man. Fight for her. Like the Irish.”
“Like the Irish?”
“Like the Irish!”

Little did he realise the therapist would be sexy thirty-three-year-old Scarlett Shepard, a woman Dylan bumped into three years earlier who left a lasting impression on him. There’s a fiery attraction, but there’s a professional line they can’t cross. Or can they? Not only that, but Scarlett is also a single Mum, having previously been burnt by her ex-husband, actor Adam Bryce, so she’s naturally gun shy when it comes to the ‘serial relationshiper’, Dylan. And so, the fun and self-reflection begin.

‘If I could open my heart to someone. If I could love without fear. I thought of him. I immediately thought of him.’

Authors writing children in books can be really hit or miss, getting that age-appropriate behaviour and speech spot on, but not so with Kayley Loring! Scarlett’s eight-year-old son Noah was a hoot, giving us plenty of laughs with his typical little boy fascination with farts. He was so cute and funny! Miles and Owen, Dylan’s brothers, are only too happy to give Dylan lots of stick about his choices – women, clothing – commercials – you name it, they thrive on giving him heaps! Wait until you see them take the mickey out of him about his Cologne Ad – it was gold!

‘I honestly can’t tell if she wants to laugh or stab me in the face right now.’

We loved everything about this book. Normally not huge fans of ‘insta love’, at the hands of Kayley Loring, it really worked here! Although they fell quickly, there was much self-reflection and growth to explore between the characters which ensured the reader shared their journey.

“I miss you.
I will always, always miss you.
I was missing you long before I know who you were.”

Kayley Loring always leaves us in such a good place, and in this case, she’s also left us jumping with anticipation for Miles’s book!! OMG! We can’t wait to find out who the mystery lady is that has stolen single Dad, workaholic Miles’ heart! All we can say is…grab this book! Grab all of Kayley’s books!

‘I know better than to call a kiss love, but this feels like love should feel.’