Avenged Sevenfold – The Stage (Live From Hollywood)

The Stage – Live from Hollywood – Oct 27th 2016
New album ‘The Stage’ is out now!
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  1. It's been a minute since I've listened to A7X. First thought, they suck now. Second thought, their drummer isn't even a quarter of the drummer Jimmy was. I know bands change, but this aint it, chief.

  2. So, you're telling me that they performed a song about elitists controlling every single thing we consume, and they're playing at the heart of the biggest stage of them all? I bet they really liked that lmfao

  3. All the Negative Nancy's on here need to realize that as a vocalist, this song is incredibly freaking hard to sing.very high in his register and yet he still freaking nails the notes. Matt is an amazing vocalist and the rest of the band are amazing as well. I love Avenged. They've gotten me through a lot of hard times.