Beat Ride – Dreamers
Catalogue No: KRK090
Release Date: January 18, 2016
Media: Digital – CDR
FILE UNDER: Downtempo / Trip Hop / Cinematic / Broken Beat

Beat Ride -Antigoni Kostala- is back with a freshly produced EP release under the title “Dreamers”.

Following her previous release, “No Movie Soundtrack”, on our label a few years back, remixes, productions and collaborations as a lyricist, singer and pianist, she returns with four new tracks inspired by four different ‘scenes’ about dreams and reality. Dreamers EP delivers a flavor of downtempo grooves with rich instrumentation, trip hop vibes & cinematic atmospheres, broken beats and jazzy vibes- always part of her style & cosmos-narrating a full story through her music.

“Wake Up”, the opening song, is a powerful collaboration with The Mage on vocals and lyrics. Atmospheric hip-hop vocals coupled with this well produced big band & cinematic downtempo trip hop track. “Another Bad Day”, has a jazzy aspect along with a combination of broken beats, cinematic atmosphere and Beat Ride-herself- on vocals! “Dreamers” and “People” complete the release moving on a slow tempo direction, with warm vocals, lush & epic melodies.

All tracks analog mastered by Angelos Timewarp Stoumpos.

Cover Photo by Lego Boy.


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Junodownload Review:
There’s no need to rush things in January, it’s a grim time so best to take it slow, stay in bed. Greece’s Beat Ride have the right idea – release these four trip-hop infused jams that sound like they were recorded from underneath the duvet. “Wake Up” is a lazy roller with a rap from The Mage, “Another Bad Day” boasts Bassey-esque vocals from Antigoni Kostala, “People” is all cinematic strings and epic beats, but it’s the perky easy listening stomper “Dreamers” that’s the most likely to get your feet back on to the floor. Review:
Did you overdo it over the new year? You did didn’t you? You’re never drinking again, work should be banned…where’s your duvet? What you need is something to capture your mood – not too energetic, smokily evocative, perhaps a little sombre and tinged with bluesy regret. Say hello to Beat Ride‘s trip-hoppy new whose four track Dreamers EP. Another Bad Day is the one for those who haven’t got rid of their hangovers yet where a vocal from Beat Ride herself, Antigoni Kostala, results in an almost Bond-theme-ish vibe. The opener and the title track both employ slightly more energy with a moody lowkey rap from The Mage on the former while the closer, People, is suitably atmospheric in an epic string-laden, ‘where did it all go wrong?’ manner. You can almost visualise the camera zooming out from slo-mo footage of the man running in the snow for the last train out of the warzone and stumbling as he falls beneath a hail of bullets. Or something.

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