chef-show-netflix-jon-favreauWhen it comes to relaxing content, cooking shows are the creme de la creme of easy-watching feel-good TV. Whether a host is taking you on a tour of essential culinary destinations and uncovering the hidden foodie gems of the world, teaching you the history behind a favorite food you take for granted, or competing in a high-stakes cooking contest for the grand prize, there’s something about food that takes us back to our comfort zone. There’s a reason Food Network’s ratings zoomed upwards following 9/11, when viewers turned to easy entertainment for comfort (a fact Alton Brown eloquently discussed on his all-timer Hot Ones appearance.)

Which makes food TV the perfect watching material for our current trying times, especially while so many of us are doing a bit of nesting in the midst of the ongoing pandemic response. So, whether you’re looking for some feel-good foodie fun to watch on Netflix, want to do some second-hand traveling, or need some inspiration for what to cook tonight, we’ve got you covered with the best food and cooking shows on Netflix right now.

Check out the full list below, and you’re looking for some more easy watching, check out the Best Feel-Good Movies on Netflix, and the Best Shows to Binge-Watch.


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