Spooky season is upon us! Considering most of us still can’t leave our homes, the hunt for Halloween-appropriate viewing options has already begun. And while you aren’t going to find the out-and-out scariest options on Disney+, Disney’s direct-to-consumer streaming platform, there are some really great movies that will put you in the Halloween spirit (bloodlessly, of course).

These are movies that evoke the spirit and mood of the season without going over-the-top on gore or extreme thrills. They’re movies, TV shows, and shorts that you can have on while carving your pumpkin or filling your Halloween tray (to leave outside your doorstep for socially distanced, mask-wearing trick-or-treaters). They’re charming, low-impact, and a lot of fun. (And, yes, we’re still waiting for them to properly digitize and release stuff like Disney’s Halloween Treat, an old TV special that combined shorts, excerpts, and musical segments and is the perfect Disney Halloween sampler.)

Keep scrolling for some good Halloween viewing ideas and get even more Disney+ updates here.


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