best-halloween-movies-sliceWith some stiff competition from Christmas, Halloween might just be the most spirit-driven holiday. There’s a strange magic to the last few weeks of October when pumpkins (and pumpkin flavored treats) pop up en masse, as do the haunted houses, corn mazes, and horror marathons as we all feel compelled to listen to Thriller too many times and watch the tried and true movies that get us into that Halloween mood.

To help usher in that spooky spirit, a few of us here on the Collider Staff have singled out our favorite movies that take place on or around Halloween, from family-friendly classics to chilling horror to campy B-Movie romps. If you’re more of a straight-up scary movie person, you can check out our list of the best horror movies to watch on Halloween that aren’t Halloween (though Carpenter’s classic definitely gets some love on this list), but if you’re looking for a broader range of spooky, scary and silly films set to Halloween theme, check out our staff picks below.


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