Blake Shelton Asked Gwen Stefani's Dad Before Marriage Proposal

Blake Shelton had the perfect plan to pop the question to Gwen Stefani! According to US Weekly, the “God’s Country” singer put in plenty of thought before getting down on one knee to propose to his longtime love. “Blake had the ring custom-designed and asked permission from her dad before asking Gwen,” a source told the outlet. “It meant so much to her that he was so traditional about it.” A separate insider revealed that the magical moment went down in Blake’s homestate of Oklahoma, where the couple had been quarantined for the majority of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Blake Shelton Asked Gwen Stefani’s Dad Before Marriage Proposal



  1. So happy for them waiting for this moment my husband said really Jess and I said yes they both deserve it it made me cry two people who went through heartache and found true love god always had a plan god bless them and their true love for one another

  2. I know that Blake guy but WHO is the gal on the left? We stopped watching right around the time they started dating when she still looked like Gwen Stefani.

    I don't know WHO that woman is. She has had so much done to her face it's unrecognizable. She was drop dead gorgeous without all the fillers, lifters, peels, nip, tucks and pulls.