‘No other man has ever made me feel this way – like I’d walk through fire for just one more kiss.’

Bombshells by Sarina Bowen has completely satisfied our craving for a great sports romance, and we have to say a hockey romance specifically -is our catnip- as is the way in which this author writes them. And Baby Bayer with his Caribbean blues had us swooning all over the pages. Whilst Bombshells was low angst, it had some real emotional moments and a fabulous message to boot. We LOVED that Sarina Bowen wrote a powerhouse of a sportswoman and highlighted female sportsmanship and the struggles they face to be taken seriously as well as the inequality they must endure.

‘Then she smiles…And I can’t fucking breathe. Her smile lights up her eyes, which are warm brown. She is like the living, breathing picture of female perfection. In goalie’s pads. Fuck me.’

In Bombshell, Anton Bayer is a man on a mission to change his lifestyle, focus on his hockey career and stay away from his playboy partying ways. Early nights, lite beers and no womanizing is the plan, and he’s doing really well until he comes across the Brooklyn Bombshells women’s hockey team. In particular Sylvie, the goalie. Anton and Sylvie strike up a wonderful friendship that played out beautifully whilst slowly falling for each other despite the presence of the man Sylvie always believed was the one. Bryce, Anton’s teammate, and the boy Sylvie has a long history with and emotional attachment to. We do have to mention that if you’re a reader who really doesn’t enjoy love triangles, you should know this is not ‘one of those books’ and you’re definitely safe to one click!

“Any man could lose his heart to you,” I whisper. “So easily.”
“Just dance with me,” she whispers back. “I’m done talking about him.”
‘I hadn’t been talking about him, though. I’d been talking about me.’

We thoroughly enjoyed the banter, the heat from the scorching sexual chemistry, the emphasis on hockey and the thrill of a fierce game. Sarina Bowen really is the queen of sports romances evident in the way in which the sport plays a character on its own merit. The on and off the ice storyline is perfectly written and balanced, whilst staying true to the thrills of the ice, friendships, and romantic relationships. We thoroughly recommend this newest addition to Bowen’s hockey world, an easy-to-read romance that made us laugh and swoon in equal measure.

‘I’m not boyfriend material, he’d said. And then I told him I didn’t care. Maybe I lied.’