“Whether it’s passion, lust, love, anger, vengeance, compassion, ambition, determination…emotion gives us reason to live. If you don’t have that, what’s the point?”

Bound by Forever is the third book in the True Immortality series by Samantha Young, a series we are utterly captivated by. Paranormal romance is our true love, and this series has everything we crave and revel in; supernatural beings, romance and bewitching mythical drama. The fight to prevent the opening of the gate between the human world and the Faerie continues in Bound By Forever with Niamh, one of the fae children who has the ability to open the gate, chasing her visions to protect the remaining Fae from those who wish to destroy, as well as carrying out vengeance on those who kill or inflict harm. Niamh was a brilliant heroine and we rooted for her every step of the way. She had incredible strength, endearing vulnerability, she was sassy with a beautiful soul. She may have felt lost in the shadows, however, she never lost her sense of self. It was no wonder that Kiyo, the immortal lone wolf hired to guard her, fell for her despite his reluctance. Kiyo was an enigma, a loner, and a powerhouse! We fell in love with him and his wolf-side and our hearts hurt over his past.

‘Unlike most of the others, Niamh had been born with the knowledge of who they were and even had snippets of the fae history buried in her consciousness. Worse, she’d had visions of alternative versions of the future depending on the decisions certain key players made.’

‘He would not be charmed by her. He wasn’t charmed by anything. Soulless bastards were immune to charm.’

Bound by Forever was superbly written, we were compelled by the story, entranced by the beautiful Japanese scenery and above all, we fell in love with the characters. Samantha Young has a knack for mastering the recipe of a bloody brilliant paranormal romance. It has intrigue, mystery, drama and perfectly placed romance and heat. The build-up is agonisingly slow, just how we like it. The emphasis being on the storyline and character development. The connection and the push-pull was tantalising, the angst and dramatics electrifying. Filled with twists, ancient curses, and prophecies, Bound by Forever had us hooked and is another fabulous instalment in this series. The road of self-discovery for our fated mates, whilst fighting the good fight, was beautiful and their friendship which built into something so much more was wonderful. We now eagerly await the final book and hope to revisit with everyone who came before!

“The Japanese have a saying: Wabisabi. It’s a perspective, really. It’s the accepting of the fact that life is imperfect and therefore we should appreciate the beauty in the imperfect things. There is light and dark in all of us, Niamh.”



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