Bronx-born rappers Chucky73 and Fetti031 from the Bronx have announced the debut of their label Sie7etr3 (Siete Tres or 73). The EP, also called Sie7etr3, will be released on April 17th. The eight song release includes "Dili" and "Colombiana". Check out the music videos for these tracks below.

Chucky73 founded Sie7etr3 The Label in 2017 with Jonathan "JaJa" Almonte. Earlier this year, Sie7etr3 announced that it had entered into a distribution partnership with Caroline. In addition to Chucky73 and Fetti031, Youngkilla73 and Dglo73 are in the crew, both of whom appear on the Sie7etr3 EP.

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Sie7etr3 EP::

01 Chucky73 / Fetti031: "Kili"
02 Chucky73 / Fetti031 / Dglo73 / Youngkilla73: "Tili"
03 Chucky73 / Fetti031: "Colombiana"
04 Chucky73 / Fetti031: "Brazilera"
05 Chucky73 / Fetti031: "Dili"
06 Chucky73 / Fetti031: "Didi"
07 Chucky73 / Fetti031: “DJ Scuff Freestyle”
08 Chucky73: "Gigi 2.0"


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