Hope you made yourself comfy for this lengthy vlog πŸ™‚ more videos to come soon.

watch the entire rant here:


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– audra’s IG:
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– my bro’s channel:
– my alaska crewneck is thrifted
– my duffle bag was gifted
– that rhymed
– Grabba Green juice bar was the go toooo all weekend
– yes it’s true, I used to go INNN during my college years lol crazy how things have changed
– my hand injury made it nearly impossible to get up on that tire swing or the yoga swing lmao
– Midwest Mixed Conference:
– btw, no shade to the conference at all by any means, I’m grateful for the opportunity and experience, our rant was more so about where we are personally as far as our racial identity and perspective is, the entire rant is definitely worth watching
– Audra got her yoga swing off of Amazon, as well as the slack line
– the green juice we made was: kale, cilantro, pineapple, ginger, orange, & celery
– do ya’ll see the breathwork/fasting glow in 16:35?!
– anyone have any french braid/inverted braid tips or videos to send my way? pleaaase
– yo that was by the far the best and longest breath session I’ve had thus far
– how to breathe:
– breathwork routine:
– my breathwork playlist can be found on my apple music: @_cbudd
– coconuts are life, forever. that is all.

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