Universal wants to do the Monster Mash with Matt Stawski

According to the deadline, Universal Pictures gave the thumbs up Monster Mash, an original music film made for Matt Stawski based on a screenplay by Will Widger.

"Monster Mash" was a novelty song by Bobby "Boris" Pickett that was first released in 1962 when he shot # 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts shortly before Halloween and has since become a perennial holiday favorite. It has been covered several times by the horror-punk band The Misfits.

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As of now, there are no details on the film's plot or characters, or whether it will be part of Universal's evolving dark universe, including the one to come Invisible man and Paul Feigs Dark army, Suffice it to say that the project was developed by Stawski as his directorial debut. He enters the film arena after making a series of music videos side effects for Awesomeness TV.

Widger continued to work Damn it for Legendary and Magic the gathering and lumberjack for Fox.

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John Fisher will lead the Temple Hill project and will be the executive producer alongside Stawski. Jeyun Munford and Tony Ducret will be responsible for Universal.


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