Another black man was shot dead by the police in California.

33-year-old Steven Taylor was killed in a police shootout in a San Leandro Walmart last Saturday (April 18). Taylor was holding a bat at the time of the incident. Lee Merritt, a civil rights lawyer who represents Taylor's family, says the police shot Taylor after he was arrested and no longer a threat. The incident was videotaped by a viewer and a witness shouted, "Don't shoot him again!"

Now community members and people want answers on social media.

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According to The Guardian, according to Merritt, Taylor is in the midst of a mental crisis and had a history of paranoid schizophrenia and bipolar depression when the police insulted him. Taylor had dropped his racket and was lying on the floor. Police said one of the officers hit Taylor with a bullet in the upper body and the officers tried several times during the confrontation to use their tasers.

The San Leandro Police Department said in a statement posted on Facebook: "Officials approached the man and gave him orders to put the bat down. The man disobeyed the orders from the officials and instead approached the officials while he was holding the bat . ""

The statement continues: "An officer released his taser, which was ineffective, and the man continued to approach the officers. Then the officer used his service weapon and struck the man once in his torso. Seconds later, another officer released his taser to the man. "

An autopsy was underway to determine if the police continued to abuse or shoot Taylor when he was already on the ground. Regardless, Merritt says officials did not give Taylor proper care after he was shot. “Your job was to ask Mr. Taylor for help, according to the standard operating procedures. He had been seriously wounded and was suffering from a mental crisis. They had to treat him quickly. They did the opposite and made his injuries worse, ”Merritt says.

In their statement, the San Leandro Police Department said that "officials requested paramedics and first aid until they arrived. Despite life-saving measures, the man died of his injuries at the scene."

"He was shot after becoming completely helpless and no longer a threat," Merritt told the Guardian Monday.

Taylor's family has filed charges against the officials, including murder charges. The San Leandro Police Department claims an investigation is underway but has not yet released details of what happened.

"Our community is currently hurting," said Jeff Tudor, chief of police at San Leandro, in a Facebook video. “However, protecting the holiness of life is extremely important. I know there are many questions and concerns. "

The viewer video showing Taylor's death has been removed from social media, partly to protect Taylor's three children. "I hope you don't see your father so executed," says Merritt.


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