Orlando Daniel Fontaine Figueroa: Piano and Arrangement
Richard “Bill” Evans: Bass
Mario Porchetta: Percussion

The trio is a multicultural and multiethnic project initiated by Band Leader Mario Porchetta in 2020. It combines the experiences of artists who come from different backgrounds and music styles. It integrates the Afro-Cuban with African and Caribbean music traditions. Mario brings his Italian heritage but he has lived more than half of his life in Africa and the Caribbean, Orlando is a master of all Cuban music styles and Bill has a long experience playing Caribbean music, ranging from Calypso, Reggae and Kaiso Jazz. The name of the band created by referring to the three musicians’ national origin: Cub-Bar-Ita. Cubbarita’s repertoire ranges from traditional Cuban to Caribbean Jazz with touches of jazz standards, pop and Reggae music.

This tune was recorded for the Transcultura programme of UNESCO which included 6 English Caribbean English speaking countries. Cubbarita represented Barbados