Analysis paralysis is a very common occurrence for beginners at “beat juggling”. It’s a state in which you overthink the simplicity of a move and end up overcomplicating the hand choreography it takes to land said move. In my latest “beat juggle” tutorial, we see my student Steven conquer his need to get the hand movements perfect in his head first, and eventually let his ears guide his hands.

Use these 3 steps to get out of analysis paralysis when “beat juggling”.
1. When encountering a technical problem (i.e., understanding the sequence with which you want the drums sounds off a record to play), first mouth out the pattern you want to create.
2. Then, by eyeing your record marks on the vinyl’s label, take a visual picture of where each kick, snare, hi hat, etc. falls within the measure you’re working with.
3. Gradually begin to transfer the pattern you mouthed to the hand movements on your turntables.

Your goal as a “beat juggler” is to be somewhat unconscious of the physical maneuvers you’re performing (moving in autopilot) but highly conscious the patterns you’re producing as a result of your maneuvers.

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  1. I have turntables but only really messed about with scratching, haven’t been on them much in the. Last 20 years until I started watching the tutorials in lockdown. Inspired me to get back on them. Brilliant lessons. Big up the Ablist💪🏿

  2. Rob thank you so much for sharing your experience and knowledge. I really appreciate when you drop a history lesson on us as well. I've been a bboy for over 20 years and have always loved music. Last year I suffered a shoulder injury and haven't been able to dance seriously like I would like to, but thanks to you and a few other DJs I was inspired to purchase my first turntables last month. I've been practicing my beat matching by ear and the first couple of your "root movements" everyday. I still have that competitive bboy spirit so one day I hope I can get good enough to compete even if it's at a small level. Thank you for reminding me why I got into hip hop in the first place. The ability to express myself through music.


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