“You’re the setup and the story arc and the main character and the conflict and the punchline.”

Kayley Loring is one hilariously witty and entertaining author, and if you haven’t discovered her rom com’s yet, then you’re missing out! Her wit, the banter between her characters, the warmth, swoon, and the heat are all trademarks of her stories which we crave and anticipate with every release.

The snarky humour in Funny Business gave us some giggles and the group text exchange (something Kayley Loring really excels at) was on point! And, after meeting Owen’s brothers, movie star Dylan and entertainment lawyer, Miles in Funny Business, we can’t bloody wait for more of this series.

Two comedians walk into a bar…Well, it didn’t actually happen that way! More… ridiculously handsome stand-up comedian/model Owen Brodie delivering his set in Tampa, whilst a disgruntled Frances (Frankie) Hogan, heckles him from the back of the room. For some reason, this guy grates on her every nerve. Exactly why, is something to discover later in the story.

“If we do this now, I’m going to give you everything. Even if it doesn’t last.”

Fast forward three years and their paths cross once again through Frankie’s Uncle Marty, who also happens to be Owen’s agent, arranges for Frankie to accompany Owen on his state-wide stand-up tour as Nanny to his sweet, laid-back seven-year-old son, Sam. Frankie is down on her luck, she has an instant rapport with little Sam and despite being aggravated by the charismatic Owen, she agrees to take the job. Besides, she and Owen can ignore the sexual chemistry, right? Right!!!

“You have to stop looking at me like that.”
“Like what?”
“Hot Guy Look.”
“I’m a hot guy. I can’t not do this.”

Funny Business is packed with antagonistic banter, family bonding, and passionate trysts. Tender moments appear courtesy of Owen’s son Sam and their wonderful relationship. The serious, nap-loving red-headed Sam and his ever-joking Dad bounced off each other beautifully. As did Sam and Frankie.

“He’s basically Garfield, but without the fur. Or the tail. Or four paws. Probably likes lasagne.”

We really enjoyed Funny Business. It provided many heart-warming and swoony moments! Our only niggle, as Danish/English and English/Australian readers, came from a personal bugbear. It’s always going to be a punt for an author to hit the mark with our country’s colloquialisms and whilst we understand the Aussie slang was written with exaggeration for laughs, it felt a tad over the top and outdated. The stand-up comedy routines also didn’t quite work in text, but these were very small issues in an otherwise funny, sweet, sexy, and entertaining story!

“I want your everything, Frankie. Even if it’s just a bottomless pit of sarcasm and veiled dick jokes.”