‘Sometimes life can be a straight-up asshole…but then it gets better.
And that better can end up being more perfect than you ever dreamed.’

There’s something so comforting heading into an Emma Chase book. It’s that familiarity of knowing our hearts are going to be fulfilled, our funny bones tickled, and our swoon factors will be getting a workout. And we were right to be excited because Getting Real delivered all that and more! This is the reason why we adore this lady’s writing. It’s that feel-good, heart-swelling emotion she brings to each story, and why our love affair with her books has only intensified over time.

We bloody loved this book and all the characters! In Getting Real, the third book in the Getting Some series, we meet, single Dad, ER Doctor, Connor Daniels…and talk about swoon! Oh boy! Did we fall head over heels for this guy! A 42-year-old Dad divorced dad of three boys was the stuff romance books are made of.  Good looking, sweet, sexy, loyal, and a loving father. He was the real deal.

‘When you find happiness, you can’t take it for granted.
You need to grab onto that shit with both hands and hold on tight. You can’t waste time, you can’t hesitate – if you do, chances are good you’ll regret it.
And regrets suck ass in an especially brutal way.’

After 14 years of marriage, Connor’s ex-wife Stacey left him, deciding she wanted time for herself, leaving Connor to bring up their three boys Aaron, Brayden, and Spencer. It hasn’t been easy and being the eldest of four boys himself, from a close family in a small town, it’s not the way he saw his life playing out, and can’t imagine he’ll ever be in a relationship again.

Violet Richardson is a dedicated nurse at Lakeside Memorial, a real sweetheart, and she’s been admiring Dr. Connor Daniels from afar for a while now, not realising Connor has been admiring her too. After a lacklustre matchmaking attempt from Connor’s brother Garret and their friend Dean, Connor, and Violet’s paths cross and sparks fly! But will Connor cock it up before it even beings?

Getting Real gives a poignant and respectful nod to nursing staff which is well-timed, and although there are some emotionally tough scenes, they’re handled with the sincerity and warmth this author is synonymous with, making the third book in the Getting Some series our favourite.

Emma Chase spins a wonderful tale working the alternating POV’s between Violet and Connor brilliantly and thank goodness for both POV’s because had this only been from Violet’s point of view, we may have felt differently. And herein lies the supreme talent of this author that is the ‘male POV.’ Emma Chase shines when delivering Connor’s POV. We felt it all. His humour, his love, his loyalty, his frustrations, his flaws, and his vulnerability. Her talent for penning a sublime male pov is only matched by her talent for writing children so flawlessly and heartfelt. We know Tim’s book is going to be a beauty, and hope we get to revisit Lakeside and the Daniel brothers again soon!

“Maybe some of us only get one chance at bat.”
“Oh, baby, that’s just not true. Love is like a river; it keeps flowing and moving your whole life. You just haven’t found the right stream to run off with yet, but she’s out there. “