Glengarry Glen Ross

New York City is a dog eat dog type of town. Butthe NYC real estate world is dog eat dog with hot sauce. John Williamson is thereal estate office manager, played by the now seemingly cancelled Kevin Spacey, who sparingly distributes dead end leads. Alex Baldwin portrays the character Blake, who is sent to motivate the salesmen through fear and the threat of termination. Everyone will be fired but two. There can only be two!

Jack Lemon plays ShellyLevene who is affectionally calledthe machine. He has a sick daughter and really needs to break his long running bad luck streak of not landing sales. The Machine becomesdesperate and tries ever approach possible to secure better leads from Williamson. When you can’t get what you want the honorable way. Steal! That’s the New York city way. In the end the Machine makes a slip of the tongue leading to his eventually down fall.

Glengarry Glen Ross is the typical white collar criminal story – when in Rome do what the New Yorkers do. This hard charging films depicts the desperate lengths men will go for their loved ones, but even at the end of it all –love is not enough. It’s Wallstreet before Wallstreet. It’s Wolf of Wall Street without the wolf. The movie is a peak into the world of the big city real estate and what one must do to be successful.

All of these New York white collar corruption movies seem to be cut from the same cloth. In the end, what is done in the dark will come out in the lights of Time Square. Winners become losers, and success is only a temporal illusion. It can all be gone in a New York Minutes –ask the Machine. It’s not about who likes you. Your livelihood depends on who doesn’t. Plus, the NYC police seem to be undefeated when it comes to solving these crimes.Where is Hoffa!It’s a cool flick, but one gets tired of the vanilla boys in thousand dollars suites, running the world with their crooked ways,designed from ivory tower above Central Park.