November 30, 2017 – Hollywood Club Crawl

The Halloween weekend is over and we are preparing for our next big special event – New Year's Eve! However, we wanted to look back at some of the best costumes for all of our many Halloween events!

We had many different Halloween events on Friday and Saturday evenings, including the Halloween Prom Night to Dismember Party, the Halloween Club Crawl to Lure, Boulevard 3, and the Halloween Pub Crawls in Hollywood and Downtown Los Angeles. One of the biggest highlights was the LA Zombie Crawl in the DTLA, in which more than 450 people took part! Each pub crawler received their own zombie survival kit, which included a lanyard, a pub crawler card with more than 15 participating bars and clubs, drinks and free welcome vouchers!

Our Halloween party was also a great success and had a DJ, a dance floor, specialty beverages all night, a prom photo booth and of course everyone was dressed in costumes! Here are some of our favorite costumes from this year (see you, #SaltBae!):

1. Wonder Woman League

Do you know what's better than a Wonder Woman? Four of them!

2. Where are Mr. and Mrs. Waldo?

Good news is that at least they can find each other …

3. Ready to crawl!

Here is our Halloween Club Crawl to Boulevard 3 on Saturday evening – ready to party!

4. #SaltBae

#SaltBae just sprinkles some Sass on some Halloween crawlers

5. Dr. Evil and Mini-Me

I would never have seen this as a couple's costume, but it's brilliant!

6. Classic Gaston…

Gaston really stands out in this case by showing his biceps, but at least Belle is there to keep him on the floor …

To see all of our Halloween photos and albums, visit our Hollywood Club Crawl Facebook page HERE!


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