Happy Halloween, horror fans! This year’s All Hallows celebrations might be a little different, but that doesn’t mean we’re not keeping the seasonal spirit alive here on The Witching Hour. In fact, hosts Perri Nemiroff and Haleigh Foutch put together a streaming Halloween party that’s all about how to keep the party going.

If you’re wondering how to throw a safe and spooky (but still raging and altogether ooky) Halloween party this year, we teamed up with Movies Anywhere and some of our most trusted Halloween party experts and favorite Witching Hour guests to help you set the mood. Each guest brings their own pro tip on the best Halloween party ideas for 2020, along with their picks for the best Halloween movies to watch at your party! Check it out in the episode below.

First up, we welcome Matt Donato, freelance film writer at Fangoria, Collider, SlashFilm, and JustWatch, to help us sort out the logistics of throwing a socially distant Halloween party online, from the best online options to recreate the real-life experience to the best way to set the spooky mood in your own home.

Matt’s Movies Anywhere Halloween Must-Watch: Dead Silence

Next, we’re joined by freelance film critic and Pajiba Film editor Kristy Puchko, who teaches us how to make a seasonal cocktail, from how to make your own homemade sage simple syrup to mixing it up into a tasty drink. (Bonus: A very on-theme breakdown of how to grow your own venus fly traps!)

Kristy’s Movies Anywhere Halloween Must-Watch: Little Shop of Horrors

After you make a good drink, Collider Senior Editor Vinnie Mancuso stops by to teach us some delightful new drinking games for your Halloween party. First up is “Nightmare on Fancy Street”, a fun and funny twist on rewatching the Nightmare on Elm Street films that had me in stitches. Next up? “Rye-day the 13th”, a game for slasher (and whiskey) fans.

Vinnie’s Movies Anywhere Halloween Must-Watch: Upgrade

Finally, we’re joined by Producer, DJ, and Whirl Girls and Impolite Truths host Dorina Arellano, who helps us sort through the best horror scores and soundtracks to queue up at your Halloween party, from John Carpenter’s classics to Goblin’s iconic Suspiria score.

Dorina’s Movies Anywhere Halloween Must-Watch: Trick ‘r Treat

So there you have it, folks! Hopefully, we’ve given you some great Halloween party ideas to help you stay safe and spooky while making sure you’ve got plenty of great Halloween movies to watch while you’re at it.


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