Halloween Horror Nights 2019 BEGINS at Universal Studios Hollywood – Opening Night Fan Preview Event

A visit to Universal Studios Hollywood in Los Angeles California for the start of 2019 Halloween Horror Night . The event kicked off with a Fan Preview . Included in the mazes I checked out after opening scaremonies were Creepshow , Ghostbusters , Frankenstein Meets The Wolfman , Holidays in Hell and House of 1000 corpses.

Life Disney Channel

Deacon’s Channel


  1. I wish to go there! Here in Italy we have movieland with the horror house.. I like the scream of Adam, make me funny hahahaha 1 2 3 seconds and then Aaaaahhhhhhh

  2. Aw. Great coverage. And thank you for at least pretending to be scared by my Otis scare in House of 1,000 Corpses. Not being self-deprecating, I just figure you just be almost immune to aggressive jump scares by now. 👨🏻‍🎤

  3. Why is The mayor Eric Garcetti letting and encouraging people to go to People's homes knocking on their doors when there is a Virus going around killing Black and Latino Families?Of any one gets sick due to people with their children coming to your home while their is a Virus killing people ..you need to get a lawyer and sue mayor Eric Garcetti.

  4. Instagram – AdamTheWooATW
    Last night while filming this I was feeling a little under the weather and drained from a month of traveling and lack of rest but I’m glad I powered thru it . To be honest I didn’t remember much of the event until this morning after a nights sleep and started editing . Enjoy


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