“Never do that, Lachlan. Never break the heart of someone you love. It’ll hurt you more than it will ever hurt them.”

You’d be hard-pushed to find an author who writes so vividly and passionately about the Scottish Highlands than Samantha Young. Her love and knowledge of the area is one of the reasons we were so excited to read Here With Me, the first book in the Adair Family series. And at a time when travel is something so many of us are looking forward to, it’s so nice to be able to escape into a place and explore its surroundings when it’s brought to life in such a picturesque and beautiful manner.

‘I think that’s what love is: the person you most look forward to seeing. The person you looked around for when something funny happened and you wanted to share it.’

As we said, Here With Me is the first glimpse at the Adair family where we meet the eldest brother, thirty-eight-year-old former Hollywood action heartthrob, Lachlan Adair. Lachlan now runs an exclusive and prestigious members-only club that offers celebrities seclusion and privacy, and the opportunity to live a ‘normal’ life from the glare of Hollywood in a glorious setting.

After this first taste, we now want ALL the books! The Adair’s are a family with a multitude of demons and we can’t wait to explore them all! Most of all we need Mac Galbraith’s story. The close friend and head of security at Lachlan’s sprawling estate – Mac also happens to be the estranged (young) father of Robyn Penhaligon, the love/hate interest of Lachlan Adair.

‘A decade of happiness is better than a lifetime of emptiness.’

A year after a traumatic and life-threatening experience, twenty-eight-year-old Robyn leaves her Boston Massachusetts home and heads to Ardnoch, a quaint village in the Scottish Highlands, to face her estranged father whom she hasn’t seen for nearly sixteen years. It’s here Robyn meets the handsome Lachlan who immediately causes her a prickle of irritation – and the feeling’s mutual. These two seem to antagonise one another without even trying – but underneath it all, there is sexual tension and chemistry they can’t deny and a multitude of demons and issues between them.

‘He knew better than anyone that often those who seemed the strongest buried their pain a little deeper than the rest.’

In the middle of all the personal drama and love-hate relationship, is a stalker wreaking havoc at the club – leaving notes and getting more and more brazen and deadlier as time goes on. Who is the perpetrator? Can Robyn and Lachlan uncover the person before the threat is escalated?

“Arguing with you turns me on.”
Lachlan grinned as he braced himself over me. “Back at you, Braveheart.”

At the heart of it all is Samantha Young’s wonderful heartfelt prose. This author never fails to bring us a warm-hearted, sexy, and swoony read, and in Here With Me she delivers this with aplomb, adding an edge of your seat suspense into the mix! There were many aspects of this story we loved; however, we did find it a tad lengthy and a little repetitive. But there’s no denying that after whetting our appetites, we cannot wait to see where Samantha Young takes us with this series.

“When you meet him, the man you want to settle down with…make sure he’s perfect.”