Hollywood in Vienna 2016

The Film Music Gala Concert celebrating the most prestigious composers of our time.

Part 1: The Sound of Space
Part 2: The Wondrous World of Alexandre Desplat

Star Guest & Awardee: Alexandre Desplat
Radio Symphony Orchestra Vienna
Conductor: Keith Lockhart

Kristin Lewis
Katherine Ellis
Grace Capristo
Iskandar Widjaja
František Janoska


  1. Ohne das selbstgefällige und witzlose Geschwätz des dauerschleimenden Möchtegern-Moderators wär's gleich noch mal so schön. Der Blick von Monsieur Desplat bei 49"03 spricht wirklich Bände.

  2. Persis Khambatta. Perhaps the most dazzling woman I have ever seen. She died a while back. Remember her.

    Thought is that which defines us. Beauty is that which inspires us.

    Persis? You will NEVER be forgotten.

    Only the United Space Ship (USS) Enterprise can be a more beautiful creation.


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