Adolescent homelessness is a nationwide problem and particularly affects black and queer communities. A new study goes deep into the numbers and shows that they are disproportionate than ever.

Dr. UC Berkeley's Coco Auerswald, who deals with homelessness among adolescents, explains how black adolescents are affected. Auerswald says to CBS: “60% of the homeless children in Berkeley are African American. This is by no means a 60% African American city. "

According to Dr. Auerswald also found that “49% of the Bay Area is made up of colored people, while 80% of our homeless youth are colored people. According to a Larkin Street Youth Services report on youth homelessness, 12% of the region's population report LGBTQ, while 46% of our homeless youth are LGBTQ. "

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Fortunately, San Francisco, Seattle, Washington, and Austin, Texas, have all seen a sharp drop in homelessness among young people, but there is still much to be done. Auerswald is asking for a nationwide homeless plan in California. Auerswald also wants to make it illegal to release someone from prison, foster family or a hospital on the street.


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