I tried breathwork everyday for 30 days.


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  1. Doesn't hyperventilating decrease oxygen to the brain? This reminds me of what's called the Good Kid's High, where teenagers will choke themselves for the "high" it gives them (DO NOT TRY THIS). Weird, I would definitely have to do more research on exactly why decreasing oxygen gives you a "high."

  2. Healthy skepticism is a good thing. But being skeptical of absolutley everything is sheer arrogance and ignorant. There are more unanswered questions in science than there are answered ones. Even the answered ones have their flaws and those same answers can change with new data. Nothing in science is set in stone. Science doesnt have all the answers, in fact it technically has none, just potential answers which is why scientific theories are called, well, theories. Humans are limited not only by our own senses and intellect but by our technology to. Our brains/bodies and tech just isnt capable of understanding the world and universe around us. We're 3 dimensional beings and thats all we're capable of understanding and there are potentially infinite dimensions, all of which arent and never will be comprehendable to us at all. I used to an extreme skeptic but learning more about science has actually made me much more open minded about everything now.

  3. For all this u just have to breath fast and continuous i.e hyperventilate and the rest are just names ….. yogic baba and woowoo …. kind of stuff ……. with no relevance …………..

    On the matter of conciousness …..free will and so on … there are some studies that shows that we are not just our brain … so not that I refuse or reject that …….

  4. – CO2 decrease in blood causes alkalosis- increased ph- which causes calcium decrease in blood as it binds with albumin protein which increases the excitability of nerves which causes tetany and the other tingling sensations …….
    -it decreases oxygen transport by blood due to increased ph
    -it also decreases blood and oxygen supply to brain by about 30-45 percent as the blood vessels there gets squeezed due to it . – give us a high
    -There is also some evidence that brain when is in stress can release dmt .
    -it also activates parasympathetic system which gives us increased alpha and theta brain activity and the calm feeling ……….

  5. This is nothing but D’Avella breathing in the middle of the desert. If you really interested in holotropic breathwork you should find someone who trained with Stanislav Grof which is the one who came up with breathwork. Those charlatans aren’t helping anyone because they are nothing but imposters.

  6. Thank you for this wonderful video content! Truly, breathwork meditation is amazing!

    To the person reading this:

    You are who you are.
    You are a gorgeous and beautiful creation.
    You are a masterpiece.
    You are who you are.
    You are strong and courageous.
    You can absolutely do it.
    You are powerful.
    Remind yourself that you are who you are.
    Move forward with your determination, and conviction.
    You can absolutely do it.
    Have a great day ahead,
    Remember you are who you are.

  7. The high is from hyperventilation. It reduces carbon dioxide in the blood. It narrows the blood vessels that supply blood to the brain. This causes the light headedness, tingleing in fingers and even loss of consciousness and sometimes headaches. I would not recommend rapid beathing exercises to anyone. Just stick with meditation.

  8. I dislike how you made it sound like this is just a spiritual thing when it actually has studies on it and psychology is backing the fact that this can help people release trauma. It's simply body reconnection therapy at the core. And your sister is right in the wording of people having things stuck in their body, developmental trauma and overall trauma is basically saved in our nervous system. I highly recommend the book "The Body Keeps The Score" which psychologists everywhere recommend and is written by a trauma researcher. Many recovery techniques in that book that have tons of studies have direct parallels in what they do to the nervous system that breathwork does. Also Wim Hof who does a hardcore version of this has had various studies done about himself and his work. I don't even practice breath work and gathered this knowledge pretty fast, so it's kinda sad to see you call it woo woo when it's one chapter summary of 1-2 books and blurbs of all Wim Hof involved studies away from being explained to you. That book I recommended also by the way goes into why doing anything healing in a group is less exhausting and more, well, healing.

  9. Nice that you went and tried something new! The mind literally means “resistance” in german, a very alchemistic language. So thanks for doing the work.
    Don’t be so hard on yourself. In a group the energy is different and you have more momentum. The energy works exponential. Just do little steps. You can build the momentum in a group, or with time and repetition. Much love and see you on the other side 💖✨

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  11. Hello, I'm a young medical doctor, and what you've just seen is hyperventilation (as already explained several times by Matt and other commenters). Hyperventilation per se is nothing spiritual and can in fact cause tetany, lightheadedness, paresthesias (tingling sensations and numbness), actual anxiety and lose of consciousness.

    I don't mean to take away the magic, but everything people doing breathwork are experiencing is very physiological. They just add a spiritual feel to it by doing it alltogether and with some sort of "meaning".

    Just be aware that hyperventilation lowers your oxygen blood levels, therefore your end organ oxygen delivery, and rises CO2 levels, which acidifies the blood, and those are things your body's homeosthasis is working against (not an ideal condition for your body). It won't be really dangerous to voluntarily hyperventilate under controlled circumstances, but if you have medical conditions or if you are in dangerous situations (like Matt said, i.e. driving or in water), don't do it because you risk to pass out.