Latin jazz guitar duet: “I’ll Remember April” from the “Standard Dialogues” series featuring guitarist Richie Zellon.


  1. Ah, again that perfect sounding Strat! I must say that I prefer listen your playing to your tutoring(although you're excellent teacher). Much more to hear and learn this way. Excellent

  2. did you record the solo/ melody before the rythm or did you wait a couple of weeks after the rythm to grow a beard? i would have thought rythm first. nice lines in that melody..

  3. Hi Richie-fantastic take on this lovely standard-where did you get the cool 'Monk-like hat' from-I've been looking everywhere for such an
    item. Best, Maxie (new kid on the block!)

  4. Hi Richie I realized I had written to you on this 3 years ago.had not realized. . I'm going try to transcribe this and write it out. If its ok I would like you write you personally about some of the voicings you are playing, if that is ok? Thank you


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