‘She has my soul, and I gladly fucking bow down to her.’

Well, what do we say about I’m a CREEP by Jaimie Roberts? Twisted, sarcastically funny, dark, steamy, incredibly taboo, and downright crazy; these are all words we’d use to describe this story. However, we could not look away and binged it in one sitting. We were intrigued from the cover to the synopsis to the first chapter which hooked us! We must applaud this Author for keeping a fast-paced momentum in this well-written and compelling story.  If you enjoy an age gap dark romance and can suspend your disbelief, then this story may be for you. Beware of triggers and sensitive material though.

‘He so desperately wants to rule my life, to own me and possess me in every way possible, but what Elijah doesn’t realize is…It’s me who owns him.’

We feel odd saying this but in all the obscene and twisted that ultimately compelled us, we did have a problem with one scene in this book and wish it hadn’t been justified in the way it was. We won’t say what it was, and it might not bother other readers, but it bothered us.

‘I may have once been a timid, shy girl who everyone thinks they can walk all over, but not anymore.’

We’re not going to lie though, we were consumed with Bryce and Elijah’s story, it was seriously f*cked up and these two characters were as bad as each other with their mind games, betrayal, lies, and violent scheming behaviour! We still don’t know if we actually liked anything about either of them, but we believe that was exactly the Author’s intention anyway. They became an addiction and a fiery train wreck which we couldn’t look away from! Thank goodness for the sweet which came from Bryce’s friendship with Frank the neighbour. As far as dark messed up romances go, this was definitely one of the most compelling and well written ones we’ve read in a while!

‘Hmm…justice will be so sweet, I can almost taste it on my tongue.’