‘I’d moved here to heal. To build a new life. To repair the heartache…’
‘Griffin Eden was tantalizing. Magnetic. Rugged and bold. And naked in my bed.’

We pretty much always know what we’re going to get with Devney Perry and once again we were not disappointed! Indigo Ridge was fabulous! It had us hooked from the get-go with its great storyline, engaging characters, and that swoony chemistry leading to a tantalising slow burn romance. We loved the mystery and drama. The thrilling undercurrent of a whodunit woven into a smalltown enemies to lovers’ romance. Indigo Ridge is a great start to a new series from this Author and we’re hooked already. Devney Perry really is a wonderful atmospheric writer. She paints a picturesque and vivid landscape, and we were right there in the Montana mountains, we strolled through the main street of Quincy, and we kicked back in the bar with a beer!

“Don’t take your mind for granted, Griffin. Or your heart. They are your gifts. And they are not guaranteed from one day to the next.”

Winslow Covington was a brilliant heroine. Strong, fierce, owned her own thoughts and feelings. She met each day head-on as the new Chief in town. She’s young and whilst she has connections, she got there on her own merit and achievements. We all know what these small towns are like though, and it doesn’t help when you have a one-night stand on your first night in your new town thinking it’s a one-off with a stranger. Oops! She soon finds herself embroiled in a ‘just one more night’ pattern whilst also trying to find her feet as well as satisfy her niggling doubts over the town’s deaths, which everyone is claiming to be tragic suicides.

‘Casual was becoming a craving. We’d sailed past uncomplicated weeks ago. Whatever boundaries we’d erected had been destroyed.’

Griffin Eden is a man with great responsibility on his shoulders. The eldest of the Eden children he’s taken over the family ranch and lives a life of work and ‘play’. He has too much on his plate to settle down and is quite happy with his ‘player’ lifestyle. You could’ve knocked him down with a feather when his one-night stand with a supposed ‘tourist’ turns out to be so much more! Rugged, gruff, and a real man’s man, Winn never stood a chance, and to be honest, neither did Griffin. Their chemistry was HOT! Loved it!

‘Deeper and deeper, until there was no turning back. I was in it with this woman. So fucking in it.’