Jodie Turner-Smith teases Joshua Jackson, who shouldn’t be Instagram savvy


It looks like Jodie Turner-Smith must be her own Instagram husband!

The Queen & Slim actress took over Joshua Jackson& # 39; s Instagram on Tuesday afternoon to have some fun with it. "If your husband is hellishly old and accidentally publishes crazy-looking photos of you," the mother-to-be teased the gram in a short clip.

As if her jokes weren't sweet enough, the 33-year-old star's video showed her flirtatiously staring at her husband while he looked guilty for being accused of making the funny mistake.

"Since Josh doesn't know how to post on Instagram," Jodie started writing in a follow-up post. "I'm here to help."

The newlyweds seemed to be having an inconspicuous afternoon when they saw Joshua's Instagram stories driving around. For the couple's relaxed outing, the Jett actress shone in a lavender floral summer dress that highlighted her growing baby bump. It was equipped with a delicate gold chain and fabulous sunglasses decorated with rhinestones.

The actor When They See Us kept things relaxed too, putting on a blue flannel with a shirt underneath and sunglasses.

While the celebrity couple are known for being very private, the two have been more open lately. At the beginning of 2020, the 33-year-old actress published everything on Instagram, and it turned out that Dawson & # 39; s Creek Alum is the right photographer because he took the daring picture.

"Happy New Year and Happy New Decade," Turner-Smith signed her photo. "The past 10 years have been a bit of a ride !!! I laughed, cried and most of all I learned. Keep going. May we all see that our wildest dreams * continue * to come true."

Days later, the two lovebirds smiled at W Magazine's Golden Globes party before 2020 last Friday evening. The 41-year-old actor held his lead actress in the hand as she posed for photos during the imaginative affair at the famous Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood.

Just last month it became known that the dynamic duo had a lot to celebrate: their marriage and pregnancy!

It looks like the couple have a lot to celebrate this year. Let's just hope Joshua can add Instagram Husband to his 2020 achievements.

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