“One day you might beg me to kiss you. You might hate it. Or love it. But temptation will surge through those magical veins of yours, obliterating all common sense. You’ll want me to save you from the endless torment by giving you everything you love to loathe. And when I do, you’ll thirst for more.”

Well, wasn’t this a fabulous read! Angels, demons and witches are our catnip and Kerri Maniscalco dishes up a huge helping of them all in this fabulously addictive paranormal fantasy that saw us falling in love with a belligerent, beautiful, sexy, cantankerous demon Prince with a sweet tooth and wickedly dry wit. Prince Wrath captivated us, had our heads spinning from his moods and we’re desperate to find out his end game. We were hooked from beginning to end, all the while keeping our hearts spellbound and racing throughout!

‘This was not the kind of prince written about in fairy tales. There was no golden crown sitting atop his dark head or promises safety waiting in his sculpted, tattooed arms. He was death and rage and fire and anyone stupid enough to forget that would be consumed by his inferno.’

Emilia di Carlo and her twin sister Vittoria grew up with supernatural tales, warnings, spells, and incantations in their blood. Terrifying stories and superstitions passed down by their Nonna as a way of protecting the girls from danger. Both wear amulets as a protection shield to ward off evil.

‘My sister was the adventurous one – I was satisfied with safe, clean fun. Give me a steamy romance novel with forbidden love and impossible odds. That was the kind of adventure I could get behind.’

Being a family of witches living in Palermo, Italy, the girls, Daughters of the Moon, witches, must ensure they protect and keep their powers secret. Danger from every angle awaits them. At eighteen, the vicious and bloody murder of Vittoria begins a quest for revenge.

‘If the world was to survive, they needed to protect both their souls and their hearts.’

With her heart bent on vengeance for Vittoria, young Emilia will unlock secrets and danger, she will dabble in the underworld and come face to face with demons, among them she will meet some of the Princes of Hell, yet her dogged determination to uncover those responsible for her sister’s murder would put her life in danger and tie her to the dark, deadly and delicious Prince of Wrath, general of war. Second in command to the devil, and one of the feared Seven…oh boy!

‘His beauty was an affront to what evil ought to look like.’

Kerri Maniscalco did a fantastic job of building a vivid paranormal world against the backdrop of the sights, sounds and tastes of Italy. Oh gosh, there were times our mouths started watering!

We absolutely loved Kingdom of the Wicked, finding ourselves completely gripped by every aspect. The twists, turns, folklore, the foreboding sense of danger, the crackling electricity of the Princes of Hell’s agenda, the menacing and capriciousness of Wrath together with the tenacity of Emilia ensured we were transfixed. There’s no doubt…. the next book will be one of our most anticipated of 2021.

‘Lethal. Beautiful. Wholly untouchable. I wanted to kick him for being so dangerously breathtaking.’


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