1. I loved Teena…such a sad loss..Never got her real props..She was black sister in all respects.
    Brings tears to my eyes when I hear her music. I get an undescribed feeling over me..She was truely an icon. of all times

  2. I watch this repeatedly because THIS is how you love someone!! The power of her words and the honesty of her emotions is overwhelming to me each and every time I view this. Teena LOVED Rick James!!

  3. She loved him. She misses him terribly.
    There is nothing that could ever be said that can take away from the fact that together, she and Rick James created music on a level that was way over the top of anything here today. She loved him. You hear me? She LOVED him. Love is what everybody needs and she had that with him. Color is meaningless. to say otherwise is only from a heart absent of love.


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