HUGE SERIES SALE & TOP RECOMMENDATION: This is one of the VERY BEST Alpha romance series I’ve ever read! It’s packed with romance, action, hilarious banter, and an absolutely incredible cast of characters and couples! Each book is usually ~$4/ea so this is a huge savings on the entire series! I’ve listed them all in order below:


  • Southern Heart by Natasha Madison goes live at midnight!! — Her: “Coming back home was supposed to be normal… Then I opened the door and found a man—broken, bloodied, and fighting for his life. I don’t know why, but I said I would take care of him. I had to. Needed to. He was a mystery, showing up from out of nowhere. But he might have already stolen my heart.” Him: “The only thing I have ever wanted in my entire life was to forget who I was. Joining the military helped me do this… Everything was working until a knock at the door had me face-to-face with the reason I was running…”
  • My Almost Ex by Piper Rayne goes live at midnight!! — “In the middle of a crowded bar in our small town, my estranged wife snuggles up to me as if we’re still a happy couple. Don’t get me wrong, we were a happy couple—before she walked out on me a year ago. We were the high school sweethearts everyone thought were destined to be together forever. We thought so too, which is why we married shortly after graduation. We had a good marriage. Until she left me without any real explanation. Now, she’s back—and this is the real kicker—she has amnesia and thinks I’m still her husband…”
  • Say You’re Mine by Layla Hagen goes live at midnight!! — “I swear I didn’t mean to flirt with [him] especially not right in the middle of an interview for a job. It was a slip—or perhaps a gut reaction to his smoldering eyes and deep, sexy voice. To my total disbelief, they give me the assignment. My task is simple: advise him and his band on how to communicate with their fans. Easy-peasy. Or so I thought… I can handle the job, but the sexy lead singer who’s intent on getting under my skin might be too hot to resist… But our lives are too different. His life is under constant scrutiny. I thrive on freedom and spontaneity. I like exploring the streets of New York and meeting up with my siblings without needing security detail. But when we’re together, all our differences fade, and I can’t get enough of this man. And he won’t quit until he makes me his.”
  • You Love Me by Caroline Kepnes (You series) goes live at midnight!! — “Joe is done with the cities. He’s done with the muck and the posers, done with Love. Now, he’s saying hello to nature, to simple pleasures on a cozy island in the Pacific Northwest. For the first time in a long time, he can just breathe. He gets a job at the local library—he does know a thing or two about books—and that’s where he meets her: Mary Kay DiMarco. Librarian. Joe won’t meddle, he will not obsess. He’ll win her the old-fashioned way… “
  • Headhunter by Kristen Proby goes live at midnight!! — “He’s always been immersed in society’s shady underbelly. Learning to navigate it and keep to the edges was working just fine until an acquaintance turns up missing, and he fears the worst. From the moment he laid eyes on her, he hasn’t stopped thinking about her. Luckily, as an ex-special operative, he’s uniquely qualified to track her down and keep her safe…”






Let me know if there are any other books you’re loving right now too!!


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