• Flirting With 40 by K Bromberg just went live !! – “She has one of those years. Her divorce may have been finalized a few months ago, but her ex is already engaged to someone half her age. Her younger boss is determined to sabotage her chance at the promotion she rightly deserves. And to make matters worse, she's getting closer to the big 4-0. There isn't enough wine or ice cream in the world to convince her things are going to turn around. When she meets Slade Henderson, she wonders why an early thirties cardiac surgeon hotter than Hell would care. She has been warned that he will break her heart, but she is ready to take the risk. Not only does he help her get that promotion, but he encourages her to find the parts of herself that she has lost in recent years. It shows her that there are really good guys but who knew the hardest part about turning forty is recognizing the man who you thought was a rebound.
  • Sawyer Bennett's Kane just went live !! – "There is this girl … I like her. I mean, I really like her. I hope this doesn't make me appear any less manly than my professional hockey player personality implies. But here's the problem – she's my best friend . The only person I can rely on for everything, who was with me for all moments, big and small. When she shows up at my door, tired and scared after an incident with an ex, my instinct to protect her is Then I know that she is more than just my best friend and the skates are swept away from under me when I find out that she feels the same way … "
  • Stacey Kennedy's Watch Me just went live !! – “His high-end customers pay extravagant amounts to see his stars give in to their wishes. His only rule? Watch, don't touch. But one look at her and he decides to take part in the show himself. And when an undeniable passion ignites between them, he knows he wants more. Unless she's determined to run … and he's determined to find out why. When he discovers her secret, he shocks her by offering his protection … "
  • My Fallen Saint from J Kenner just went live !! – "He is a man who is determined to help the disadvantaged, fight injustice and make the world a better place." And at least that's true. However, it is not the whole truth. Because he's a man with a dangerous secret. He will do anything to protect. And when she turns her attention to an unsolved murder, she is caught in a web of intrigue and passion as he draws her closer and closer. But as the intensity and sensuality of their relationship increase, so do their suspicions. Until she is no longer sure whether the heat between them is real or just a facade that he built to hide his dark and twisted secrets … "
  • Semi-Sweet on You by Erin Nicholas just went live !! – “She broke his heart ten years ago. Now he's back – and her new boss. And she could still be half in love with him. But that's not a problem, is it? You can keep it professional. Until her grandmother interferes. She is thrilled to believe that Whitney and Cam are still in love. And invites him to move in with her … and Whitney. Of course, Whitney can handle that too. Yes, it's all fine. All good. Until Cam makes it clear that he has it all. Having him back is very cute, but can she really have it all? Or will everything collapse around them? "
  • When the Earl hit his match from Stacy Reid, he just went live !! – “When Hugh Winthrop, the future Earl of Albury, decides to advertise a woman in the London newspaper, he never expected an anonymous response from a woman who matched him joke for joke. Her back and forth letters about the true nature of love, about which they wholeheartedly disagree, leave him shocked – and intrigued. But then the woman he corresponded with appears on his doorstep, temptingly beautiful and offers a marriage of convenience in exchange for his protection … "
  • Thanks for the last night from Lauren Blakely goes live at midnight !! – "Let me list the reasons why dating the sexy, charming pro hockey star is a bad idea: 1. He's one of my closest friends 2. All of our friends are friends 3. The wounds that I do from previous relationships, go deep. And his too. We're both devoutly single – it's just safer for the heart. However, there's no reason not to bid on the great, clever athletes at the charity auction this weekend. If I win, it's a "friends date". And I win. I win it big. And hard. And all night long. The problem is … what happens in the morning? "







Let me know if there are any other books you love right now !!


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