Welcome to the first book list of 2021! Several of my favorite books are on sale right now so I’ve highlighted them first right below here, then you can scroll down to see new releases for this week! Happy reading 😀



  • To Whatever End by Lindsey Frydman just went live!! — “Quinn Easterly is cursed. With one touch, she can see the end to someone’s life. Everyday deaths, and ones that haunt her in her daydreams. Ones that have always proven impossible to prevent. She has finally learned to go about life as usual until she meets Griffin. With one touch, she sees a death she simply cannot ignore. Not this time. Not when, dying in her arms, he whispers three simple words that change everything. Even if Quinn can’t change the future, can’t save him, she at least has to try. Even if it means taking the bullet meant for him.”
  • Only One Night by Natasha Madison goes live at midnight!! — Him: “I was their leader on and off the ice. From the outside, it looked like I had the perfect life. I didn’t. I was married to a woman who refused to give me a divorce. All she wanted was the status title, and all I wanted was to be set free. It was supposed to be just another event, except it took a turn I didn’t see coming.” Her: “Attending my best friend’s bachelorette party isn’t something I was looking forward to. But it’s strange what a couple of glasses of wine will do. It was one night, and I thought I would never see him again. Especially not coming face-to-face with him and his wife while picking up my nephew from hockey practice. All it takes is one kiss, one touch, one chance, and only one night.”
  • A Co-Worker’s Crush by Piper Rayne goes live at midnight!! — “Three tattoo guns. Five motorcycle tires. Countless T-shirts. That’s what I lost before I realized nothing good comes from dating my co-workers. Usually, I don’t have much self-control. So, the fact that Frankie Grant is a hot, talented tattoo artist means it’s a damn miracle she hasn’t already been in my bed. But nothing can happen between us because Frankie comes with Jolie, her young daughter, and a crap load of baggage from her ex. And those are two things I never entertain. Anyone who knows me—the screwed up foster kid from the wrong side of the tracks—knows I’m not the guy you take home to meet your parents, let alone your kid. But I also know what it’s like not to have parents, so things get complicated when Jolie asks me to be her daddy. I might as well just slash my own tires now.”
  • Dark by Aleatha Romig (Dangerous Web series) goes live at midnight!! — “Darkness has fallen upon the Sparrow world. What seemed secure was breached, and what was assumed unattainable is possible. In this dangerous underground world, we Sparrows took our power by force. As dusk gave way to dark, we Sparrows are once again determined to use any means necessary to recover what is ours, secure our stronghold, and defeat those who appear unconquerable. The gauntlet has been thrown. We will not retreat. Darkness be damned. It is time for triumph. I am Reid Murray. For my wife and my brothers-in-arms, nothing, not even darkness, will stop the Sparrows from victory.”

RECENT FAVORITE: Forsaken Trail by Devney Perry (Read my Review) 
WOOHOO!! If you love enemies-to-lovers romance, surprise pregnancies, moody billionaires with hearts of gold, and strong heroines who don’t need anyone to save them, then you’re going to love this book! I read it in one sitting and loved it! — “She blames the bubbly for falling into bed with him that night. Enemy or no, the billionaire is irresistible in a tux. But after their one-night tryst, she has no choice but to cut her vacation short, returning home to escape his devilish smile, vowing never to see him again. Except she gets a surprise a few weeks later—she’s pregnant. When he learns that she’s carrying his child, he offers her the chance of a lifetime. The catch? She has to live under his roof until the baby is born. Either they’ll kill each other in nine months. Or discover love buried beneath their hate.” — I not only loved this book I also love the whole series and each book can standalone:







Let me know if there are any other books you’re loving right now too!!


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