• Sawyer Bennett's Wylde just went live !! – "I'm no stranger to the celebrity that a professional hockey player brings." When a quirky redhead is in the local bookstore, I decide to drop by and turn on the trustworthy Wylde magic. As clever and strong-willed as she is, she cannot be influenced by my funny banter or my charming appearance. And when she realizes who I am and what fame it brings, she likes me even less. Fortunately, I'm always ready for a challenge. The more I find out about her, the more I know that my Playboy days are behind me. If I want to win her heart, it's time to be a lot less Wylde and a lot more Aaron. "
  • Sure Shot by Sarina Bowen just went live !! – “On the eve of her thirtieth birthday, she is ready to make some changes. A tall, tall, torn hockey player who has just been traded is not part of this plan. He has a lot of luggage. He is a loner with a bad reputation. He's on the rebound. He's also the sexiest thing on two legs and for some crazy reason it's her that he wants. She knows better. But then she falls stupidly in love with him anyway. And for a while it seems like he's doing the same thing. Until she asks him about the one thing he can never give her … "
  • Carly Phillips' Dare to Resist has just gone live !! – "He's going to find a baby on his doorstep … and his assistant in his bed. He's a lot of things. Ex soccer player. Sports agent. And starting this morning? Father. Finding a baby on his doorstep would have a joke but the pink sticky note and baby carrier she came in are dead serious. What can a bachelor do outside of his depth? Call his enticing and exceedingly great executive assistant and ask her to move in. She explains willing to help him until he can fix his messy life. It’s just another item on their very long to do list. It’s absolutely not because they’re going to be their very lonely and extremely handsome Boss feels drawn. Narrow spaces. A baby. Undeniable chemistry. What could possibly go wrong? "
  • Piper Rayne's Rival Roomies have just gone live !! – "I loved him from afar. Most of the time he's just a foot away. I'm smart enough to know that he'll never be someone forever. He checks all the bad boxes. Tattoos. Checks. Motorcycles. Checks. Chip on his check check if he weren't my neighbor and friend maybe I would have thrown myself on him okay yes I wouldn't because boys like him don't want a woman to write math textbooks for kids in bed under him "That was until his archenemy moved in with me. Now he suddenly moves in and warns the first man in a long time who shows me interest. Could he finally see me as more than a friend …"
  • Embraced in Ink by Carrie Ann Ryan has just gone live !! – “Bristol Montgomery and Marcus Stearn have been best friends for so long that sometimes they forget when they are not as close as they are now. While friends and family think something is below the surface of their friendship, the two have always been steadfast in their attitudes, without heated glances or deeper feelings. The problem? Years ago, they promised each other that if none of them were married when Bristol turned thirty, they would marry. Although both have long since decided never to force the other into an arranged marriage, circumstances and sheer stubbornness force them to refuse to resign from their business. Now they are determined to get married – even if dangerous exes and feelings that they deny block their way. "
  • Erin Nicholas' Forking Around has just gone live !! – "A Cinderella story with a hot boss who is so charming that even a fairy godmother can't do it better … Everyone thinks Dax Marshall is a prince of a guy. And he's definitely charming. But Jane has enough to do without adding a heated argument to the boss with her life … no matter how tempting and beautiful the chaos may be, or how messy he wants to be with her, he’s spent his life taking only one thing very seriously: to prove that you can be successful while still having a damn good time. But he just met the woman who could break his I-can-charm-every streak. She actually takes him seriously … and she seriously believes that they have nothing in common and cannot be together. Maybe he is the one who needs a new view of happy to the end … "
  • Lila Monroe's Breakup Artist has just gone live !! – "I am a separation expert. Now I have a new job that could mean the big time: to help a famous Hollywood-It couple manage their tricky separation. Except not everyone wants them to Splitsville. The film studio needs them stick together to promote their big movie and they sent someone to make sure I fail at my first VIP appearance. Wes Baxter. Also known as my ex. Also known as, the guy who has my heart so thoroughly broke that I had to transform myself into a self-help guru just to get over him … "
  • Rising by Laurelin Paige (Slay Quartet # 4) has just gone live !!
  • May Contain Wine by Lani Lynn Vale (Romance) has just gone online !!
  • Reckless Memories by Catherine Cowles (romance of the second chance) have just gone online !!
  • House of Dragons by Jessica Cluess (Fantasy) has just gone online !!

More new releases and full list below …

LATEST RECOMMENDATION Stone Princess by Devney Perry (my review)
HOLY SQUEEEEEEEE !!! YES YES YES!!! I absolutely loved this book! It had the perfect balance between heart-warming romance to pass out and nervous tension to keep me going! I loved all of the books in this series but this was definitely my FAVORITE so far !! The love story was sweet, romantic and full of second chances. The exciting side made my heart beat faster and actually led perfectly to the next book (which is about another couple, but which I am really looking forward to). If you are new to the Tin Gypsy range, I highly recommend it. If you are already reading these books you will love this book !!! – Be sure to get a copy as it is now live!

BOOK ANNOUNCEMENT: Midnight sun by Stephenie Meyer
THAT IS REAL!!!!! The midnight sun by Stephanie Meyer was just announced on August 4th !! This is Twilight from Edward's POV! – When Edward Cullen and Bella Swan met in Twilight, an iconic love story was born. But so far, fans have only heard Bella's side of the story. Finally, readers can experience Edward's version in the long-awaited accompanying novel Midnight Sun. This unforgettable story, as told by Edward's eyes, takes on a new and decidedly dark twist. Meeting Bella is the most annoying and fascinating event he has experienced in all his years as a vampire. As we learn more fascinating details about Edward's past and the complexity of his inner thoughts, we understand why this is the determining struggle of his life. How can he justify following his heart when it means putting Bella in danger? In the midnight sun, Stephenie Meyer takes us back to a world that has captivated millions of readers and brings us an epic novel about the profound joys and devastating aftermath of undying love. – Pre-order midnight sun !!







Let me know if there are any other books you love right now !!

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