• Code name: Sawyer Bennett hacker just went online !! – "I am just trying to get back a piece of what I have lost and I am concentrating exclusively on education (my son) and my work. As long as I have my son and my career, I am satisfied. But life has one fun way of letting you know exactly what you need, and when a devastatingly handsome stranger (my son) makes friends in the park, I have to remember that I may be missing something. A part of me that was locked away a long time ago, wakes up again and I look at him like I haven't seen a man in more than a decade … Just when I think things are starting to look my world has been turned upside down. It turns out that the meeting was not an accident and things are not going in my direction at all … "
  • Mums Staci Hart's word has just gone online !! – “Falling in love with a Bennet is not an option. My mother called me home to take my place at Bower Bouquets and as an heiress I should do what I was told. I am expected to sit by her side as she does her best to decimate the Bennet family and their Longbourne flower shop. I am expected to abide by her rules, or she will ruin me too. But the day I come across Marcus Bennet changes everything. And the kiss seals the deal … If my mother finds out, I'll lose everything – my family, my life, my safety. Worse, she'll make the Bennets pay for my mistakes. Falling in love with a Bennet is not an option. But I may have no choice. "
  • A royal mistake by Piper Rayne has just gone live !! – "He's not your average Joe from the corner ledge. He's the heir to the Crown. I should know I've been following him for years. Not in a stalker way. Magazines and online gossip blogs are a fair game if you're a king. But I know every detail about him, down to the boxer shorts he wears, and my entire studies of the man who plays a major role in my dreams pay off if I win dinner with him, as if that wasn't enough , he exchanges a deal with me that he moves into my guest room. I forgot that there are no fairy tales because just when I want to get everything I want, including the prince, I find out that it is someone in his life that I don't know – his fiancee. "
  • Helen Hardt's fate has just gone live !! – “As the sole heir to Steel Ranch and property, Brad knows what his future holds. He will marry and have children, but he is not suitable for love. However, fate has other plans when he meets college freshman Daphne Wade – an innocent and beautiful young woman who loves sunrises, animals and the color yellow. Daphne is alone for the first time and vows to make the most of every minute. She will never again fall victim to the anxiety and depression that plagued her during high school. Instead, she will appreciate the joy of everyday life and enjoy her life to the fullest. When the handsome senior Brad Steel shows interest in her, she braves up and plunges. Gather your courage and dive into … "
  • Tiffany Reisz's priest (The Original Sinners) has just gone live !! – "If a pastor is found dead in New Orleans from a suicide, the police see no reason to start an investigation. However, private investigator Cyrus Tremont knows a cover-up when he sees it. As a former police officer, he saw everything … or so he thought. Clues point him in the direction of Nora Sutherlin, an erotic novelist who stands as a dominatrix in the moonlight. Together they form an improbable connection based on their common need for justice. What limits will Cyrus cross to find out the truth about the priest as he is drawn deeper into Nora's underground world of joy and pain? And what will he and Nora do with the truth once they find it? "
  • From Blood and Ash by Jennifer L Armentrout just went live !! – "Chosen from birth to usher in a new era, Poppy's life was never her own. The life of the virgin is lonely. Never touched. Never looked at. Never addressed. Never enjoy. While she is on her day Ascension awaits, she prefers to be with the guards and fights the evil that her family has taken with her, rather than preparing herself to be found worthy by the gods, but the choice has never been her … The future of the whole kingdom lies ahead Poppy's shoulders, something she's not even sure she wants for herself, because a virgin has a heart, and a soul, and longing, and as Hawke, a golden-eyed guard who is committed to her ascent To ensure she enters her life, destiny and duty become entangled in desire and need. He instigates her anger, makes her question everything she believes in, and tries to do what is forbidden. "
  • The survival of his Terri Ann Browning scars has just gone live !! – "I have a secret. One that will kill the man I've fallen in love with for years if my father ever finds out. My sister says he's a stalker – how else could he know exactly when I was in trouble and come to save me? I don't care. He kept saving me again and again so I know he doesn't want to harm me and every time I catch a glimpse of him my heart becomes even more to his. "







Let me know if there are any other books you love right now !!

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