Lemi Vice has been involved in various aspects of the music industry over time, he’s now doubling down on his own solo alias and is set to release more tracks under it. “Confusing,” is the debut since his soft return, featuring catchy house elements and thrilling production that keeps the listeners coming back or more. In “Confusing,” vocal samples and hard-hitting percussion trigger the hypnotizing journey at hand. Highly rhythmic synth work encircles the speakers as the seducing vocals are put on repeat in the background. Various instrumental layers drop in and out at the right time, making the flow of the experience that much more enthralling.

Having released on labels such as OKNF Records and Rad Summer, his sonic direction set him apart from the rest. Yet label releases aren’t the only area he’s been able to build up his experience with as a musician. Being involved in the industry for over 10 years, there’s been chapters in his story to get him to where he is today. One of many notable aspects in the journey is his connection with DJCity, where he has been commissioned several times to create tracks at their request, some of which have gone on to their own levels of unique success.

Lemi Vice has been supported by names like Diplo, Major Lazer, and DJ Vice, has made music featuring names like 2 Chainz, and so much more. The artist knows what he wants and the direction he’s meant to go down.

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