‘He was danger. Sin encaged in muscle and bone. A demon wearing the face of a god, the collar of a priest, and the belt of Adonis.’

Lessons of Sin was one hot forbidden, taboo, age-gap romance, between the hot virile and commanding, Father Magnus Falke and his fierce beautiful student, eighteen-year-old Tinsley Constantine, the youngest of six siblings from one of America’s most powerful and ruthless families. If it’s forbidden thrills you’re after, Pam Godwin has answered your prayers in Lessons in Sin.

“You’re my greatest, most painful punishment, Tinsley Constantine.”

Nine years ago, 40-year-old Magnus Falke gave up a life of excess and success to become a priest at the Sion Academy of the Sacred Heart. The small and prestigious Catholic Boarding School, hidden in the foothills of Maine a world away from the life and temptations in his previous life.

‘Iron sheathed in suede, that voice belonged to a man who bent for no one. His sculpted lips lured victims to the altar with the promise of heavenly salvation before condemning them to hell.’

What made this ex-billionaire womanizer enter a life of celibacy at 31? What lurked in his past that made him seek penance? We were more than inquisitive to find out! This priest with a kink commanded us on every page. Good lord, this man was almost mythical, he was that hot!

‘I hadn’t been called to be a priest. I’d been called to be hers.’

Tinsley Constantine wants to break out of the confines of her stifling family. Her cold and uncaring mother cares nothing for Tinsley’s feelings and ambitions, instead, wanting her to toe the line until she can marry a man who will benefit the already powerful family. Dropping Tinsley off at Sion Academy without as much as a backward glance, only made Tinsley want to rebel further.

What she didn’t count on was the stern disciplinarian Father Falke! Nine years of denying every temptation unravelled when Tinsley stepped into the school with her sass, intelligence, and innocence driving him to the point of insanity with need! Tinsley and Magnus commenced in a mouth-watering battle of wills, minds, and bodies, and we loved it!

‘I wondered if there was anything I wouldn’t do for her, and that thought was a torment in and of itself. She had the power to level my world.’

Lessons in Sin is hot, forbidden, taboo – a passionate exploration of first love, forgiveness, and new beginnings. Not to mention, a deliciously sinful hot romp.