Dedicated to the one and only Lisa Stansfield
1. All Around The World (Exclusive DJ’s Mix)
2. Change (Driza Bone Mix)
3. Big Thing (Redux)
4. Never, Never Gonna Give You Up (Touch 2 Mix)
5. So Natural (Be Boy Mix)
6. Time To Make You Mine (Push & Slide Mix)
7. The Real Thing (Mega Pop Mix)
8. You Can’t Deny It (Yvonne Turner Mix)
9. Make Love To Ya (Light Me Up Mix)
10. Little Bit Of Heaven (Bad Yard Club 12″ Mix)
11. Set Your Lovin’ Free (Kenlou 12” Mix)
12. This Is The Right Time (Kick Mix)
13. Someday (I’m Coming Back) (Classic Club Mix)
14. People Hold On (New Jersey Jazz Mix)
15. 8-3-1 (Ian Devaney Remix)

HQ available at SoundCloud: