‘Devil. That seemed a good title for Arthur. Most people were terrified of him. He was unapproachable, with eyes that would cut you where you stood. And he had the allure of Satan too. A magnet to sin and temptation, stirring wants and desires inside of me that were anything but chaste and holy. And if the rumours were true, he had the evilness of the dark lord too.’

Wicked and seductively dark, violent emotional and passionate. This is Tillie Cole at her very best. Then again, when is this Author not at her best? Honestly, it is not often we come across a writer like Tillie Cole. An Author who literally can write anything she puts her pen to. Every trope and genre, Tillie Cole nails it. She’s not scared of branching out, she literally has no limitations! Tillie Cole wows us again and again. Lord of London Town is one of THE BEST books we’ve read in 2020, no hesitation!

‘He had saved me. He had avenged me. And he had killed for me.’

Arthur Adley stole our hearts…and our knickers. This man embodied that arrogant, possessive, fucked up but completely lovable anti-hero we crave and fall in love with. Think Peaky Blinders and Guy Ritchie’s London gangster movies and you know just who Arthur Adley is and what he represents. He is who he is and makes no excuses for it. Just how we love our antiheroes to be – unrepentant but with that appealing vulnerability brought out and healed by the right woman. Cheska Harlow-Wright the posh Chelsea girl is this woman and she too stole our hearts. Arthur and Cheska had undeniable chemistry, a passionate connection and a beautifully poetic meeting of souls. It was a heady love affair set in bloody violence.

“My biggest fear, my only fucking fear in this whole shitshow of a world, is you being taken away from me.”

Lord of London Town read like a movie; we saw it play out before our eyes as we inhaled the words unable to stop…unwilling to stop. It was wickedly brilliant. All the characters were compelling in their own unique way; the story like nothing we’ve read before. Unique and addictive. Violent and erotic. We couldn’t look away and we didn’t want to. Standing ovation once again for the Queen of Dark Romance. There truly is no more accolades we can throw at her, Tillie Cole has left us speechless once again! We now dare her to write a paranormal because we just know she’ll nail that too!

“If you walk by my side, you can never ever fucking leave.”

‘I needed his ruination. It was only fair – he already had mine.’


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