You may remember Lovie Simone, who played Zora, one of the granddaughters of Bishop Greenleaf and Lady Mae in the OWN drama series “Greenleaf.”  Since the series finale in August of this year, Simone has kicked her acting career into high gear. From starring in the Amazon film “Selah & The Spades” and “Power Book III: Raising Kanan” as Kanan Stark’s love interest, Simone is gaining the respect she certainly deserves. 

The New York native recently found herself playing Tabby in the supernatural thriller “The Craft: Legacy,” a reboot to the classic 1996 teen film. Premiering on Amazon Prime on Oct. 28, the sequel brings in new witches as they tap into an old demon, ultimately bringing it to life. As the only Black witch among her crew, Tabby briefly highlights the certain stigmas surrounding being a Black teenager during a game of two truths and a lie. “I wish I had more Black friends,” she says in the film. “I am scared for my brother’s safety everyday.” While the film deeply dives into the mystical world of what it’s like to be a teen witch, director/writer Zoe Lister-Jones has captured how some feel to be Black in America.

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The talented actress confirms that starring in “The Craft: Legacy” is very much on brand for her and tapping into supernatural powers as Tabby was a matter of pulling from her observations of seeing people or witches boldly do their rituals. “Growing up, I wanted to have my powers,” she says. “In elementary school and middle school, I was the kid at the cafeteria like ‘Guys I can control the wind and the sound here, do you want to see?.’” I would raise my hands and stuff.” 

“For me it was ‘Okay, I have to have this confidence. If I’m going to do it, I’m going to do it intentionally,’” she continues.

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Having watched “The Craft” the original 1996 film, to prepare for “The Craft: Legacy” Simone, wanted to make sure that going into this sequel, she remains true to the brand but also wanted to “approach it differently.” Although she didn’t imitate her role in the thriller, Simone has had a few hilarious costume moments just in time for Halloween and says that the spooky holiday is a big deal for her family who creates all of their costumes from scratch. 

“I think my most fun Halloween memories would be when I was around like eight or nine, and I wanted to be Madea. I got like this short gray wig, the glasses, I had a pillow underneath his dress that I was wearing,” she says, barely containing her laughter. And then I remember like I had a  BB gun, and I went into the candy store, and I’m just like popping the BB gun all in the store and like it was like smoke in it, and I was laughing and like getting my candy from the guy. I was living my best life.” 

And when it comes to what’s next for the Hollywood starlet, a “Greenleaf” spin-off is definitely in the works! “The whole “Greenleaf”fam had a zoom call, and we talked about it, but it is still early. I don’t know how much I’m allowed to say, so I can say that.”

Be sure to catch “The Craft: Legacy” On Demand everywhere.


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