Lust, Jokes, Religion by David Michael Joseph

What are your reasons for writing Lust, Jokes, Religion?

I wanted to share the many unique quests I have experienced on the pages of Lust, Joke, Religion. My main desire was to entertain my readers and take them into worlds and situation they might not care to ventures, should I say alone. I crave the chance to make my readers laugh, cry and whatever emotion comes in the middle. I hope they share tears and cheers, diving into the unpredictable twist and turns of Lust, Jokes, Religion.

Who is your target audience?

My target audience is anyone who likes adventure and to be introduced to different characters throughout my life walk. Old, young, man, woman it does not matter. I would say my style is like Hunter S Thompson meets Kerouac with a New Jersey accent.

Book Inside

What are you prior honors?

I published a story Cuba for a signatory of Mensa Calliope. It was the first sports story that Calliope had ever published. I was humbled to be accepted to that literary sector. I also had two books published, Exodus From the Rivertown and Toxic Candy along with many stories published in varies literary magazines and blogs.

Why are you a writer?

I’m a story person. I love to tell stories and one way I do that is through writing. I have been writing ever since I was a young boy. Writing brings me a freedom and helps me escape the everyday stretches and yawns we all may experience from time to time.

Future Protects?

I have two more books, Eternal Adolescents and *Dead, two more anthologies of the Pocket Gossip series. I have completed my first novel Bixby Boys which I am editing at this very moment. I also do a podcast called the Wash a collective for multi-tier story telling. So if you like the books. You will defiantly like the podcast.



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