Marc Straight Releases New Melodic, Vocal-Driven Single, “Empathy” ft. Yuki


Following his last single “see you” with internet personality, musician and voice actress LilyPichu, Marc Straight continues the rollout toward his album with a new single, “Empathy” featuring Yuki.

Doubling down on his love of Japanese culture, Yuki passionately sings the verses in Japanese while the chorus is in English, giving the song an almost mysterious tone — at least for those who don’t understand Japanese. Vocals are as much an instrument in music as they are important in conveying a message through lyrics, so when you don’t understand what’s being said, that instrumental quality is amplified.

Beyond the vocals from Yuki, the production is melancholy and rich, expressing a deep sadness. Even still, the shimmering synths and beautiful vocals set themselves apart from the lower tones of the bass, expressing the possibility of hope in the face of everything else.

Listen below!

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