Ubuntu Music is delighted to announce the signing of gifted young Israeli pianist, Nadav Berkovits, for the release of his debut album, Waking the Heart, on 10th December 2021.

Nadav is a pianist and composer who is based in Jerusalem, Israel. Born to a musical family, Nadav was exposed from a young age to jazz, classical, and Afro-Cuban music, as well as Israeli and Middle Eastern music.

Nadav is exploring the combination of all these traditions in his upcoming debut album, creating a fresh, colorful fusion of cultures and sounds within in his compositions.

With Waking the Heart, Nadav exposes a variety of musical influences–from straight-ahead jazz to North African rhythms and Afro-Cuban music–which were influenced by his musical journey to Cuba. The album features some of the best Israeli jazz musicians on the scene, including Itamar Borochov on trumpet, Yuval Drabkin on tenor sax, Omri Bar Giora on guitar, Oz Yehiely on bass, and Shai Yuval on drums, while Nadav sets the direction on piano.

Nadav explains: “For me, ‘Waking the Heart’ was a spiritual journey started back in 2018 when I traveled to Cuba where I was exposed to a new world of culture and music. This experience led me to dig deep within myself and begin to compose my own music. Some of the tunes were written in Havana and some of them in India, Sinai (Egypt) and Jerusalem. In 2020, when Covid-19 started and everything stopped, I had the opportunity to get in the studio with some of my best friends and best musicians around. I really hope ‘Waking the Heart’ will inspire you to join me on this musical journey.”

Concerning his new relationship with Ubuntu Music, Nadav continues: “I’m truly excited to join the Ubuntu Family and to be working with Mr. Hummel. Martin was very supportive and passionate about putting my music out there and I am thankful about having Ubuntu as the new home for my album. I’m really glad about this opportunity and I look forward to our future together.”

Martin Hummel, Director of Ubuntu Music, shares his thoughts: “I was most fortunate to be introduced to Nadav and his exceptional music, as a composer, arranger and pianist. His style, influences and musicians converge to create a hypnotic array of seductive audio delights. We are blessed to have Nadav join us.”